Struggling with grief?

Routine grief is a natural part of life. It can lead to or intensify mental illness, but those not healing on their own may simply lack quality information.  

A Master Grief Coach understands all facets of grief to best empower those desiring to get back to fully living. 

I love life after unimaginable loss and suffering, so I am reaching out from Ohio to a world of hurt helping others in the simplest way best for each person. 

Call (216) 903-9723 to find out how you can get your life back or learn to thrive after any loss. We can work together by phone, video chat, text, messaging, or in person.

How to Know if Your Grief is Healthy

Love is forever but acute grief isn’t supposed to be. Resilient grievers may have trouble concentrating, sleeping, or eating. They may feel a roller coaster of emotions. It’s not natural for this to continue longer than feels comfortable. Preoccupation with loss, fearing feelings, prolonged isolation, and overindulgence in distractions are sure signs of someone who may benefit from support.

Full Range of Grief Support Offered

I inform, inspire, and guide you on any area of grief where you want to focus with Grief Coaching.   I can teach you emotional health skills you can use forever with The Grief Recovery Method®. Loss can feel overwhelming and affect any area of your life. Life Action Planning helps you prioritize and focus step-by-step on goals most important to you. Any skills you learn may empower you to teach and support those you love including children.

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