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Top Grief Experts Agree You Can Heal

Some of their advice on how we heal varies so I learn from them all to best help you. There is personal power in understanding the natural process of grief and how others have healed.

How Grief Coaching Can Help

I inform, inspire, and mentor you on any aspect of grief you choose to focus on from individual specific challenges to creating your own life action plan to thrive after even the worst kinds of past or recent loss. I work with you to diminish confusion and gain control over your life. I am someone to talk with when you feel your family and friends don't know what to say or don't understand.

I can teach you emotional health skills you can use forever with The Grief Recovery Method. Grief is natural but many are socialized otherwise.

Loss can feel overwhelming and an action plan helps you focus step-by step on the goals most important to you. I can help you move past limiting beliefs to find hope so you can experience more than you ever thought was possible in life. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one or have been through a difficult change, why not live your best life? I believe that's what your loved one wants for you and you deserve.

Phone, Video Chat, In-Person Coaching

Most coaching is provided by phone or video chat because it's easy, convenient, confidential, private, and allows me to minimize my hourly fee. The Grief Recovery Method® currently must be conducted in-person and local face-to-face meetings are arranged at your request or I can help you locate a specialist near you.

How do I know if my grief is normal?

Those who know how to process grief in a healthy way may still notice reduced concentration, disrupted sleep, and feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Symptoms of unresolved grief include lack of energy, feeling shut down, and a preoccupation with loss. Feelings may be feared and avoided. Isolation and overindulgence in distractions are sure signs of someone needing support.

What is thriving?

Thriving means you show up for all aspects of your life from giving and receiving love to working through any challenge. It involves being emotionally healthy, understanding habits, and managing your thoughts. It includes easily feeling joy, growing as a person, and realizing your dreams.

Who can be helped by grief coaching?

Grief coaching is individual but we are all grievers and you may recognize bereaved family, friends, or coworkers who could benefit from support. We mingle with others if we attend church or community events. Realtors recognize  grieving clients as a move can require significant changes. Emergency workers and healthcare providers can suffer from compassion fatigue. When a loved one is in the hospital, nursing home, or receiving hospice care, more than just the patient grieves. Trying to plan a funeral while dealing with the roller coaster of emotions after a loved one dies can take a toll on the bereaved.

Only Central Thriving After Loss Resources

This is the only website with centralized resources for those wanting to learn how others thrive after even the worst kinds of loss. There is abundant online information about grief topics including, processing, adjusting, coping, dealing with, getting through, and surviving. Thriving after loss information is increasing, but can be difficult to locate so I list what I find under the "Learn From Others" tab. 

Definition of Grief