Healing from inevitable suffering is a journey involving individual inner wisdom about how the mind, emotions, body, and spirit interact in the present moment to become whole again or for the first time.

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img_0202CathyCheshire.com is a website for women and men wanting to heal after the death of a loved one or major life change. It is also for anyone wanting to learn an effective way to support grievers without travel or significant expense for quality education. Cathy Cheshire studied the work of prominent and progressive professionals with varied grief and coaching expertise. Topics include mindfulness, thought, emotion, the body, resilience, and healing.

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She provides grief coaching around the world for adults and teaches parents how to coach their grieving children. Details are on the “Grief Coaching” webpage. Cathy is an experienced presenter available for in-person or online group events or support groups with public announcements on the “Speaker” webpage. She posts videos and podcasts of interviews. On the “My Story of Resilience” webpage, she shares her story of profound healing after unimaginable experiences as she inspires a world of hurt. Cathy authored “Thriving After the Death of a Child” and shares reader reviews on the “Loss of a Child Book” webpage. Her quotes with beautiful photo backgrounds she took or incredible art by JenniferBroussard.com are displayed on the “Quotes” webpage.  

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A picture, profile, and contact information are listed for Certified Master Grief Coaches providing private grief coaching. Those grieving can choose a trained professional that best resonates with them. Cathy has spent hours during certification with each and gives them her highest recommendation.  

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It is highly recommended to read the “Detailed Instructions” webpage regarding education and certification options. Then the “Summary & Payment” webpage makes it easy to reference certification steps, payment options, certification agenda, and the refund policy. Cathy lists the experts researched before creating the Master Grief Coach certification program. She highly recommends their work. Be sure to review the “Qualifications” and “Testimonials” webpages. “highly qualified … extremely knowledgeable … compassionate guidance”

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