img_0202CathyCheshire.com is a website for those wanting to heal after the death of a loved one or major life change. It is also for those desiring to learn a proven way to support people grieving without travel or significant expense for education.

Cathy Cheshire became a grief expert by studying the work of experienced grief professionals, including those most respected in the field of mindfulness. Below the Tab About tab, she lists her credentials and client testimonials. She shares her story of profound healing after unimaginable loss as she reaches out from Ohio to inspire a world of hurt. 

Different ways to learn from Cathy are listed under the Tab SUPPORT tab. She provides grief coaching and teaches The Grief Recovery Method®. She posts videos of her being interviewed, a blog, and her own quotes with beautiful backgrounds of her photos or art by JenniferBroussard.com. Cathy authored “Thriving After the Death of a Child” and is an experienced speaker available for group events.

Cathy is working with an advanced team of respected experts she admires to create self-guided grief and business online training modules found beneath the Tab Coaching tab. All the modules will be available to anyone. Applications will be accepted to apply for certification as a Master Grief Coach. A list of certified coaches will also be available.

Extensive thriving after loss resources are listed below the Tab Resources tab. 

Skills you learn may empower you to teach those you love including children.

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