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img_0202CathyCheshire.com is a website for women and men wanting to heal after the death of a loved one or major life change. It is also for anyone wanting to learn an effective way to support grievers without travel or significant expense for quality education. Cathy Cheshire studied the work of prominent and progressive professionals with varied grief expertise including the areas of thought, emotion, mindfulness, the body, and resilience.

Cathy lists her diverse qualifications and client testimonials. She shares her story of profound healing after unimaginable experiences as she reaches out to inspire a world of hurt. She lists photos and the most pertinent information on the media kit page.

She provides grief coaching, teaches The Grief Recovery Method®, and offers onlineIMG_E3684 support groups. She explains how Master Grief Coaches can support the government’s request for schools to create a plan to support grieving students. Cathy authored “Thriving After the Death of a Child,” has a blog about healing from grief, and displays her own quotes with her beautiful photo backgrounds or art by JenniferBroussard.comShe posts videos and podcasts of her being interviewed. Cathy is an experienced presenter available for in-person or online group events announced on the Speaker page.

Certification Investment SummaryCathy worked with an advanced team of respected experts she admires to create affordable self-guided grief, coaching, and business online training modules
. Skills you learn may empower you to teach those you love, including children. All modules are available individually to anyone, and phone or video chat certification is optional. Certified Master Grief Coaches accepting new clients are listed. Exclusive access to ongoing updates and other resources are available upon certification.

Modules and Certification
Experts Referenced

Extensive information on loss examples, meaning-making, and what to say to someone grieving is listed as well as other resources
. Learning to be resilient, including grief experts, how to be empowered over your thoughts, understanding sensitivity, and healthy techniques are included. Valuable links to knowledge about near-death and afterlife experiences are available. 



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