Barriers to Change Stifle Thriving

After unimaginable loss in my life, I experienced moving from a living hell to heaven here on earth. As I reflect on the extreme variance, I realize there are significant barriers to positive change. I experienced all these barriers to change, until my pain became unbearable, and then I conquered them all.

Barriers to Change
• Engrained habits
• Negative thoughts
• Others talk you out of change
• Don’t know how to change
• Don’t want to change
• Fear change won’t work
• Change feels daunting
• Change feels uncomfortable
• Think change is too much work
• Lack of patience
• Can’t imagine positive results

I’m amazed I took feeling the lowest I can imagine to motivate me to learn how to live well. I could have been thriving throughout my life, but I readily accepted less. No wonder so many get stuck, accept mediocrity, and become robotic. No wonder I read books I thought would change my life, but none did.

I read self-empowerment books throughout my adult life, but I didn’t take them as seriously as I thought I had. I didn’t realize how many barriers to change I embraced creating roadblocks to my best life. I was complacent and dreamed small, comfortable enough with my routines.

I wasted considerable time with enormous periods of negative thinking. The discomfort I felt changing to loving thoughts and actions felt well worth it once I experienced the positive results.

It has been odd noticing the more I thrive, the more people want to pull me down. I am dedicated to only bring into my life what supports my living life to the fullest.

Acknowledging the barriers to change is the first step in removing them, and self-awareness is key. Create your heavenly life now. Don’t wait until you are desperate. It’s easier than you may imagine unless you let the barriers to change consume you. I couldn’t imagine what a wonderful life would feel like until I created one.

Thriving supports you handling whatever challenges come your way, as you dwell in peace, joy, and love. Living your best life may prevent you from experiencing the worst despair. That is an astounding lesson and a reason I am thankful to be thriving now.


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