Grief Book Editing

Grief books can inspire, improve, and even save lives. If you know you have a book in you, are struggling to finish a book, or know your book needs work, especially if you are self-publishing, an editor can help guide you.

Cathy Cheshire understands the importance of editing because any author can get too close to the material to be objective or may become paralyzed after many rewrites.

Cathy Cheshire offers grief book editing at an hourly fee, focusing on your priorities.


Possible Editing Goals

  • Learning self-editing to reduce final editing
  • Spelling and grammar not found by electronic editors
  • Outline and organization
  • Clarity and word choice
  • Style and tone
  • Your story and what to share
  • Consistency and flow
  • Formatting
  • Cover and photo use
  • Microsoft Word editing tools

An editing checklist is available after you invest in an hour of editing. You can revise it based on your individual writing style.


“I had the most wonderful experience working with Cathy. It was suggested that I have an expert in the genre of my book to assist me through finalizing the editing process.  Cathy Cheshire was a great example of that. It was an honor having her expertise in grief and book editing. Collaborating with her on helping me fulfill my dream as an author, was the desired features needed to complete my project.  

Her editing style included copyediting, developmental structuring, line-by-line, and proofreading. Cathy made sure my voice came through defining the originality of the context.

Cathy provided an editing checklist to help me organize my thoughts, making last minute changes creating a book I now have the confidence in sharing with readers.  Once again Cathy, thank you for all of your support. I couldn’t have done this without you.”
– Love and Light, Master Grief and Energy Coach Miami Knight

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