Grief Book

Grief 101 

Cathy Cheshire Contributing Author

Coming SoonCathy Cheshire and other grief professionals were asked to contribute answers for a new book by Keith Lyons, inspired to write about grief after the sudden death of his brother Ian. The book is part of the Griefwise series, examining the most-commonly held questions by grievers, answered by grief survivors and experts. The book is addressing the often unspoken questions about grief and loss, demystifying the process, and giving hope. The book is due out at the end of the year.

Draft titles include ‘Grief 101’ or ‘Grief: What the funk?’

Keith Lyons is an award-winning journalist, author and writing mentor who writes about people, places and well-being. His forthcoming book ‘What No One Told Me About Grief’ will be published in 2018, and he is currently compiling ‘Grief 101’ which examines the toughest questions about grief and loss answered by experts and survivors. You can find about him at and follow him on Twitter at @griefwise.

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