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Who am I….?


I am a 48-year-old woman that doesn’t act like a victim, tells it like it is, spreads kindness, and lately trying to live life to the fullest.
I have watched people die. I have laughed until I’ve peed. I’ve cried till I couldn’t breathe. I have screwed up. I have hugged homeless people. I have hurt people I love. I have been cheated on. I have buried one of my beautiful children, KarlyJennifer and Karly when she was just 17. I’ve put my son through drug rehab and so far with success. I’ve overcome an addiction, I have birthed four beauties. I am a Jemma to the best grandson ever, Oliver Jett.
I have been to jail. I have done CPR on a toddler. I believe in magic. I love deeply. I’ve become a lover of yoga and constantly working on meditation. To stay focused, in the moment. Present. I’ve given blood twice and passed out both times. LOL.  I’ve had a blood transfusion.
I’m an Empath and am usually misunderstood. I’m sensitive, feel deeply, and can easily feel other’s energy.
I’ve met famous people, kissed a celebrity, lived in awesome cool cities, visited awesome cool cities too. Was fortunate enough to hit my bucket list and visit Rome, Italy. I’ve seen orcas in the wild in the beautiful country of Canada. I watched my beautiful dad die of lung cancer from the chemical Agent Orange. Vietnam.
I was in a car accident that literally should have taken my life.  I’ve escaped death not once, not twice but three times. And just recently, in the past five months, I’ve been helping my 12-year-old daughter, Taylor, with her grieving process. Her dad, my ex-husband, was killed in a car accident. Life has drowned me and taken me under over and over BUT, here I am. I choose to stay positive, and I’m thankful for every second of life given to me. All of my experiences have taught me, molded me, made me smart and made me strong.
Jennifer Headshot WinterLife, she taught me how to die, but she also taught me how to live. I’ve learned lessons. I’ve unlearned lessons, but my life has been beautiful too. Amazingly beautiful.
That perception is my choice. I figured I can be a pathetic cow over it, or be a source that shares the REAL life stuff I’ve learned with everyone else.
So this is who I am and that’s why I do what I do. We all have a story to tell. And if we are not sharing our story to help others, we are missing the whole point. The Purpose.
I appreciate every one of you. Every story. Every struggle. Every victory. Every BE THE SHARK moment. Every laugh. Every act of kindness. Every moment, all of it. Everything. The gift in this is actually mine, so thank you.


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