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How did you become a Master Grief Coach? Well, I tell you what, it wasn’t easy. Losing my son to suicide was the most difficult thing I’d ever experienced.

My world had been turned upside down, but through self-discovery, becoming grounded within myself and the Divine, utilizing the power of Emotional Clearing Work; which included the declaration of self-sovereignty that cleared and dissolved past child/adulthood traumas became the key.

By utilizing the powerful techniques called womb and crystal healing and allowing non-judgment of a compassionate sisterhood to hold space for my healing. Gave me the freedom I needed to move forward. Revisiting my son’s gravesite for the first time freed me from the “I’m not ready” to overcome complex.

Completing the Master Grief Coach Training with Master Grief Coach Cathy Cheshire allowed me to discover MY abilities, as I stepped into the next level of my life. Once I began to operate in my true purpose, I began to express my own personal experiences which helped me to see that I’d been chosen to do light work with others that have/had similar past grief and loss events.Pic Miami & Ty-Key

Being a parent of losing a child will always have some residue of grief that may linger around. But I fight to live another day, each day! My purpose is to guide others supporting them to reach their highest light. I am committed to coach individuals by guiding them as they remove any barriers surrounding their abilities to achieve their own personals goals. I am Miami Knight your Certified Master Grief Coach.

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Master Grief Coaching With Miami

Fee is per hour. Debit or credit is processed securely by PayPal, even without creating a PayPal account.


My monthly coaching starts November 1. This is a 12-week commitment and includes: 6 modules, 6 live calls and 1 (one) awesome Vision Power Pack as a keepsake. The investment is $497, but I’ve discounted it to $459 for a special offer. All of the specifics will be listed on my website once it’s up and running. You can reserve your spot for only $60. The $459 (that’s $38.25 per week) discount ends on 10/7/18.