Certified Grief Coaches

Being a Certified Grief Coach may enhance the following types of careers: medical, behavioral, emergency response, naturopathy, nursing homes, social work, hospice, clergy, spiritual guides, volunteering, education, funeral directing, human resources, law, massage therapy, mind/body techniques, real estate, and cosmetology.

Please call or email to verify anyone not listed here. 

The following Certified Master Grief Coaches provide private grief coaching.

Anissa Picard 

M.A. Teaching, Reiki Master, End-of-Life Doula, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Writer, Speaker, Staff Member of Family-Owned Funeral Home, State Tested Nurse Aide, Master Grief Coach Modules and Certification program initial Advisory Board

Ernalou “Balot” Amechachura-Del Rosario
After fifteen years in corporate handling marketing, public relations, and advertising, I decided to take a leap into the unknown. My main advocacy is to help people who are lost, whether that may be in their personal or professional lives, find themselves by integrating a holistic practice that involves the mind, body, and soul. At CallMeBalot.com I write about these different passions. I am a NAHA Certified Level 2 Aromatherapist; author of the book Lost but Found; marketing consultant; Master Grief and ICF Coach; Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher; and NLP and Usui Reiki practitioner.  

Rev. Dr. R. Chris Monroe
I enjoy helping people and witnessing joyful life transformations. My journey into coaching was born as a result of serving in full-time Christian ministry for over 30 years. As a pastor, I have been privileged to work with scores of individuals and groups. I am a Certified Life Transitions Coach and a Master Certified Grief Coach. I consider it an honor walk with my clients through change, loss and transitions in their lives. As a coach, I work with my clients to identify issues, to dream of possibilities and in designing clear action steps to move them toward the healing and wholeness God desires for all his creation. I look forward to hearing from you.  Chris@blueridgecoaching.com

CMoncheck headshot photo
Christine Moncheck
Shining Light Mom of Andrew, Helping Parents Heal National Grief Support Affiliate Leader-Akron/Cleveland Ohio, Christmas Box Angel of Hope Children’s Memorial Committee Member The Magic of Life Foundation – Board Member / Speaker, Contributor-Grief Diaries Book Series: Victim Impact Statements & Will We Survive, Mothers With Angels Activity Group Co-Founder, Stow, Ohio, Reiki Practitioner-Usui Holy Fire A.R.T., Resilient Resources: UmbrellasofHope.com

Headshot Erika ButeauErika Buteau
As a change agent, I have spent two decades helping people and organizations gain an understanding of where they are today, what led them there, and how to move forward to set and achieve their goals. I provide clients with the tools they need to organize their thoughts and ideas to create their desired outcomes. Whether those outcomes are gaining something that they believe is missing, or letting go of the heavy weights holding them back, we work together to build strength, clarity, and perspective. There are as many reasons for grieving as there are ways to grieve. If you’ve suffered a loss of any kind, I’m here. EricaButeau.com

Gaby Gómez del Río
I help grieving people to process, integrate and move forward after their losses. A loss disarms us and the grieving process is the time we have to rebuild ourselves. Since 2009 I have helped people to achieve their goals. I am a Life Coach (AICM) and Master Grief Coach. My work perspective is transpersonal, and this means that we will focus on achieving your goals by establishing a balance between your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Bilingual (Spanish / English)   
Instagram: @escueladecoaching    Email: hola@escueladecoaching.life

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Kara Lynn
, M.Ed.
Grief and Wellness Coach, Youth and Adults, Certified Master Grief Coach, Licensed School Counselor, and trained in divorce mediation; specializing in the death of a loved one, infidelity, divorce, and parenting / co-parenting after loss.



Katie Meara
After a 43 year career as a Registered Nurse, I chose to pursue my passion for helping others navigate their way through the mess and the blessings of grief. My passion for this journey was strengthened after the loss of my husband. We grieve about many things in our lives, not just the loss of a loved one. My intention is to support others through that journey to a place of healing and wellness.

Kristine Ware, CEO and Founder of Uprooted Rising
I am a motivational speaker, visionary leader and Certified Master Grief Coach empowering grieving adults to transform their thoughts by choosing valued life goals through neuroscience coaching. Thought creates emotion which creates habits and focusing on personal goals will help grievers intentionally live forward after loss while they carry their grief. By integrating neuroscience, clients will benefit from brain-based grief coaching in both death losses and living losses using tools and exercises.
Renewal after loss starts with you. Uproot yourself and rise through grief.  UprootedRising.com, 831-578-6861, kristineware@uprootedrising.com

Laura Garcia-Bengoche Headshot CroppedLaura Garcia-Bengoche
As a Master Grief Coach, I have learned how important it is to prioritize processing our grief.  I have personally experienced profound grief and today I am so grateful for the help I received during those difficult times.   Investing in our emotional well-being is an important part of self-care and it impacts those around us.  For the last several years I have been working as a pastoral counselor.  Also, I lived in Latin America for 10 years so I speak Spanish fluently. Please feel free to contact me at Laura_GarciaB@me.com or 909-450-1513 for more information. 

Dr Lina Al-AswadDr. Lina Al-Aswad is striving to establish excellence in grief coaching, focused on self-empowerment, emotional intelligence, and achieving one’s goals while embracing grief. Dr. Al-Aswad discovered her passion for grief coaching after she experienced the profound loss of her friend, mentor, anchor and loving father. Her journey with grief, acceptance, and healing began with the first day of his diagnosis, till the day of his passing, and all that came in between and after. this journey has changed her life and perspective on love, loss, and grief. She is currently a certified Master Grief Coach and holds additional certification in emotional intelligence, and executive coaching.  SedrehCoaching.com

Lisette Cheresson is a writer, yoga teacher, Master Grief Coach, and death guide. She completed her end-of-life doula training through INELDA, and continued her studies with The Portland Institute of Loss and Transition, Dr. Judith Orloff, and Dr. Albert Wong. She completed an RYT-yoga certification in Brooklyn, and a Level II Reiki attunement in India—her grief and death work integrates movement, mindfulness, and yogic philosophy. She’s the co-author of The Yoga Almanac: 52 Practices and Rituals to Ground You Through the Astrological Seasons.
Contact lisette.eileen@gmail.com, BetterintheMourning.com

Mezi Mae
Intuitive Medium connecting with loved ones who’ve passed to bring forward messages of love and healing. Certified Grief Coach helping families heal after suicide. Spiritual Life Coach teaching others how to release limiting beliefs, heal from past trauma both emotional and physical, and regain empowerment over their lives.
*NLP Practitioner *Reiki Master
Instagram @mezimae   Email mezimae@gmail.com

Portia Effinger NP-C, CGP
Grief Love & Co. LLC
After navigating over a decade in the healthcare industry, personal grief and observation of several gaps within our healthcare system have fueled my GL mission. As a Nurse practitioner, educator, mentor, philanthropist, and Master Grief Coach, I have a true passion for guiding individuals into healing. I believe grief has many faces, and shouldn’t be experienced alone. As your grief coach, I hope to support you, meaningfully. My goal is to normalize grief conversations around the globe, for the love of grief.
Grieflove.co@gmail.com, therechargeproject.orgGrieflove.co

Shauna Gray
I began my own journey with grief in 2012 when I lost my brother. I quickly learned what an isolating, long, and confusing experience this can be without someone to walk your path with you. That is where I come in. As a fellow griever, I will help you move through your grief. Together we will find ways to help acclimate to your new normal and cope with your pain. Grief can be very lonely so it helps to remember that we are all alone in this together.   PeacefulMourning.weebly.com

Sandy Walden
Master Grief Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher, Hypnotist, Author of ‘The Acorn Journal: Messages of Connection from The Other Side.’ Focused on working with those who are experiencing traumatic, unexpected or complicated loss such as suicide.



Shelita Ellis, BS, MSMHC, QMHP-A
Certified Master Grief Coach, HERD Coaching, LLC
My professional background is in Mental health, Holistic wellness, Trauma and loss. I have been in the helping field for more than ten years. If you are ready to create meaningful pathways through loss and or trauma toward healing.
Please contact me by email: Coachingmeto7@gmail.com



Sharon Ehlers
Founder Grief Reiki®, Award-Winning Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Death Midwife, Books – Grief Reiki and Grief Diaries: Surviving Loss by Suicide, Master Grief Coach Modules and Certification program Initial Advisory Board


Susan Lataille
Certified Master Grief Coach, Certified Integrated Health Coach, Reiki Master, Breath Facilitator, Author, and Akashic Records Consultant. I’ve been guided to help others on their journey through grief to heal and live life to its fullest. Having gone through the death of my only son Nathan I understand how grief can take hold and affect all areas of your life. I have used many practices to help myself heal and it brings me joy to help others.
Susan@SusanLataille.com, SusanLataille.com, 401-919-4944

Terri Chaplin

Terri Chaplin
I am a dedicated professional who desires to help others through my extensive knowledge and personal experience with loss and subsequent grief. I love the challenge and satisfaction that comes from helping others identify and achieve their goals in the way that works best for them and I can do just that in my role as a Certified Master Grief Coach. Grief is a very personal experience and I look forward to assisting others in their journey to find joy in the aftermath of great loss. TLCGriefCoaching.com

Tiana Allen HeadshotTiana Allen 
The Wellness Sanctuary Healing Studio provides Natural Health and Restorative Services that support healthy growth and life sustainability. Owner, Tiana Allen is a Certified Anxiety Specialist, a Certified Master Grief Coach, is a trained Crisis Counselor, Behavioral Health Advocate and has 16+ years of experience in the Alternative Health and Wellness Industry.

Veronica Nellum Headshot CroppedVeronica Nellum
After losing my oldest child and moving forward with my grief, I found it to be my passion to help others grieving. It helped me to continue to heal, and I knew then I wanted to become a certified grief coach to help others achieve their goals, letting my light shine to give hope, encourage, and to inspire others to see you can live a healthy life after grief. I look forward to helping those who are ready to thrive after loss.

Venus Vassar
Certified Master Grief Coach. My life experience has challenged me with many aspects of unresolved grief due to multiple childhood traumas. I have also experienced the entangled dynamics of grief and recovery from spiritual abuse after being disfellowshipped from a religious cult. Most recently I lost both of my parents only a month apart during Covid restrictions in a nursing home. It was the grief of their death and my journey to healing that birthed a passion in my heart to aid others through the process of grief and fully living once again.  Please contact me for a free 15-minute session.  venus.vassar3@gmail.com

Vicki Kolbe
Certified Natural Health Professional and Master Grief Coach: specializing in a uniquely personalized, holistic approach to stress management and emotional wellness. My life journey has brought me through multiple life transitions, losses, and grief. The help I’ve received to restore my health, my heart, and my vision for the future has been both invaluable and the inspiration for reaching out to encourage others going through this universal experience. I now enjoy bringing the fullness of my professional training and expertise to clients as an empathetic listener and guide, helping them to flourish again.
Contact me at 571-364-5251 or email: coach@essentialcalmingsolutions.com