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Dedicated to providing convenient affordable options for women and men seeking quality education about grief, expert opinions have been summarized into a concisely written eBook that is downloadable. Worksheets editable in Microsoft Word are included. 

The initial program content was reviewed by diverse experts including Sharon Ehlers, ( and Anissa Picard ( Backgrounds include experience with, psychology, business, teaching, healthcare, funeral services, energy healing, authoring grief books, and speaking.

Gain knowledge for yourself and to support family, children, friends, your community, and others.  Learn at your own pace. 

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Worksheet instructions are included in the book.

Understanding Grief and Healing 

After years of research, this module concisely summarizes in one place key areas where the most qualified diverse prominent grief experts listed in the document mostly agree but also disagree, saving time, minimizing confusion, and avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Backgrounds include world-renowned and PhD leaders in their fields of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the brain, mind, and nervous system. They concur that grief is unique to everyone and healing is possible. None of the information includes other personal opinions. General terms are used whenever possible instead of scientific jargon, which is explained if included. 

“Over 95% of mental health professionals were never told anything about what the mind is.”
– Daniel Siegel, MD, Neuropsychiatrist

Without healthy information about grief and healing, there is a risk of making up theories or absorbing information you happen to come across from others that is not helpful or in your best interest.  You can start with major research findings and decide what is best for you. 98 Pages

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Thought Emotion and Body Healing Wisdom

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