Thriving Grief Experts

Top Experienced Grief Experts

Learn from the top experienced grief expert professionals who have proven it’s possible to thrive after unimaginable loss. Decide for yourself what information is most helpful to you.



Sharon Skura Ehlers
Advisory Board Member




Annah Elizabeth Picfivefacetslogo2015-transparent2


Basia MosinskiOne Life Coach
Basia Mosinski


Chrissy Anne
Spiritual Grief Coach



Cortne Lee Smith 2


Cortne Lee Smith
Grief Strategist
Relationship Coach


Daphne Bach GreerGrieving Gumdrops


Daphne Bach Greer
Christian Grief Coach


Elise Freedman
Elise Freedman
Pet Bereavement Counselling
Certified Pet Chaplain


Herb Knoll


Herb Knoll
Grief Expert



Lynda Cheldelin Fell


Lynda Cheldelin Fell
Emotional Healing Expert
Author, & Publisher



Mitch Carmody.jpeg


Mitch Carmody, Mr. Heartlight
Grief Educator
Author, & Artist


Laura Jack

Laura Jack

Transformational  Life Coach


Laura Kelly


Laura Kelly
Spiritual Grief Coach


Moving to Excellence


Grief, Life, and Spiritual Coach




joyhopelove-rowena-mabbottRowena Mabbott
Life Confidence Coach

Shelby Forsythia


Shelby Forsythia
Intuitive Grief Guide



Steve Morrison


Specialist Grief Counsellor
Founder of Oh My Grief



Tamara Smith


Grief & Transition Coach




Vicky McClifty PicAm Healing My Soul





Barbara takes pictures to encourage the open expression of grief and love. My experience participating was profound and my written words on my arms started heartfelt conversations




The Grief Toolbox


Glen and Tanya Lord
Grief Resources


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