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Watch and listen to Cathy Cheshire, founder of the Master Grief Coaching & Online Certification program, talk about grief, suffering, healing, and thriving. Take in information, and keep what works for you. You have more power over your desires than you may realize. 

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Grief Chat on KDWA with Mitch Carmody “Mr. Heartlight”

Mitch Carmody, GSP, CCP is a writer, artist, author, grief educator, and a nationally recognized motivational speaker. Find valuable grief resources at and YouTube. He is the author of several books, and hosts his own Radio Show “Grief Chat”. The KDWA radio program airs live from Hastings, Minnesota every 2nd Tuesday from 11:00AM CST to noon. The announcer is Marvelous Mo McNeary Sieben. Listen to future shows online at The call-in line is 651-437-1460Cathy briefly talks about hope and having many teachers. 

Mitch Carmody Radio Show

Open to Hope Produced by Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley

Dr. Gloria Horsley is an internationally recognized grief expert, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She is founder and president of, the world’s largest multi-media web-based resource for the bereaved. Dr. Gloria co-hosts along with her daughter Heidi Horsley award-winning cable television and radio shows. Dr. Gloria Horsley dedicates her work to her deceased son, Scott. Cathy briefly talks about loss and healing. 

Walking Into New Now Produced by Cortne Lee Smith

Cortne Lee Smith is a Master Relationship Mechanic Coach and Grief Strategists. She is the founder of  Cathy talks about becoming empowered by learning how my mind and emotions work together propelled me to loving life again after loss. Listen to the recording.


Coming Back Produced by Shelby Forsythia

Shelby Forsythia is an Intuitive Grief Guide and host of the free weekly podcast, Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss. Her website is Cathy and Shelby discuss changing your mind about grief. Cathy talks about She discusses how loss challenged her to develop mindfulness. She believes grievers can heal themselves when given the right tools. She shares what it feels like to be punished for telling the truth and how grief work is essentially a practice of “giving people back to themselves.” 

Intentional Beings Podcast Produced by Omar M. Makram

Omar Makram is the bestselling author of “Transcending the Maya Matrix” which is the illusion of reality.  Cathy talks with Omar about how what he explains in his book is how she learned to thrive after loss. Listen to the full podcast. 

Ten Minute Mindset Produced by Mario Porreca

After years of cooking professionally, authoring books, speaking around the world, and coaching personal clients, Mario learned that our life and our results are created by our mindset. His website is .

On the 1st episode, Cathy defines grief, explains how important it is to recognize our emotions, and explains how our mindset plays a vital role in how we respond to grief and take charge of our lives. Listen to the 1st podcast.

On the 2nd episode, Cathy talks about the importance of our thought patterns, how breaking those patterns allows us to create new results in our lives, and the impact of purposely focusing on and experiencing empowering emotions. We can have what we desire—it doesn’t have to be so hard. Listen to the 2nd podcast.

10-Minute-Mindset-Widescreen-Episode-146-1080x675 2

Grief & Healing Corner Produced by Sharon Ehlers

After working in Corporate America, Sharon started her own company to offer a multi-dimensional approach to grief through emotional recovery and spiritual healing. Now an award-winning Author, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist® and Reiki Master Teacher, she is helping others to heal and recover from grief by providing them with a safe, compassionate and healing environment for their journey. Check out her website at  Cathy talks with Sharon about her unimaginable losses and what she did to heal and then thrive. 

Am Healing My Soul Tv Produced by Vicki McClifty

Vicki is a Life Artist / Coach with Vicki McClifty Coaching and host of AM Healing My Soul TV. She knows there is far more to life, to existence than we can ever imagine. We are all vibrational beings sharing this life experience. Our souls are eternal. Let us learn to nurture the gift of life which brings us the freedom to explore fearlessly, and ultimately brings us joy. Her websites are  and  Vicki McClifty Law of Attraction Coaching. Cathy talks with Vicki about how she learned to thrive after loss.

Holiday Tools Produced by Justina Gioia 

Justina Gioia is an expertly trained Sex, Love & Relationship coach. 6 grief experts, including Cathy Cheshire, share their best tools to help those grieving during the holiday season.