Importance of a Thriving Action Plan

Those experiencing unimaginable loss can easily feel stuck in a negative place. If you wholeheartedly want to create your best life, I recommend a thriving action plan. I believe no single person, book, incident, or thought is enough to propel you from such darkness into the light of the life you dream about.  It’s not as challenging as you may think.  You deserve the wonderful life you are meant to have.

I used to turn around struggling companies, making them flourish by developing a comprehensive plan.  I was flexible as I implemented every last detail.  Each business was different as people are different. I studied the problems and focused on the values, mission, and goals. The strategy was tailored to each individual company. Success was achieved after all, not one or some, objectives were met. It made sense to me this process would work on improving my life.

The synergistic effect of implementing all of my thriving action plan led me to a place I never dreamed possible. A comforting hope embraced me before I finished my plan because my soul knew I was making changes that were good for me. The compassion, peace, love, fun, and service now filling my life melts my anguish allowing me to focus on the best memories in my life instead of the pain.  I wish I always lived my life this way.  I conscientiously focus on staying the course because I want to be thriving like this forever.

Action Planning Steps

  1. Prioritize Objectives
  2. Implement Strategically
  3. Choose Tasks
  4. Use Best Resources
  5. Gratitude & Celebration
  6. Improve Ongoing

My action plan objectives work for me, and I share these steps to inspire you to want to create your own.  You can be the CEO of your life.

Example Prioritized Objectives

  1. Life Mystery
  2. Organization and Productivity
  3. Critical Tasks Completed
  4. Thought and Emotion
  5. Physical Health
  6. Money and Generosity
  7. Love and Relationships
  8. Fun and Pleasure
  9. Career and Helping Others
  10. Dreams Achieved

Unimaginable loss need not stop you from having a wonderful life.  You are not broken.  The pain reflects your capacity for love, and you weren’t meant to be tortured forever by loss.  Picture yourself immersed in a life you love.  Take the first small step and outline your plan now!

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