Welcome to My Thriving After Loss Blog!

This is so exciting! I long dreamed of a website like this and now I’m making it happen. I believe it takes many resources that resonate with you, your personal action plan, and an ongoing conscientious focus to thrive after unimaginable loss. I hope this website is one of the instruments that helps you on your journey to joy.

I admire you being here because there was a time when I never imagined I could ever thrive after the crushing losses in my life. My initial destructive responses to emotional pain I never imagined existed propelled me into a true hell here on earth. I think the first step towards having a glorious life is believing you can, and then you go after it with unbridled determination.

I put so much powerful change into my thriving action plan, it propelled me into a wonderful place I never expected. It seemed difficult and daunting at first because I was afraid my plan wouldn’t work, leaving me miserable forever. The positive momentum created an extraordinary snowball effect that swept me away into a place that warmly welcomed me. The light side can pull you from the darkness and is much closer than you may think.

My life now feels like a miracle. I still infrequently get mad, frustrated, and argue, but I love my life. I fill it with peace, goodness, love, fun, and passion for serving the world. I look forward to getting up every day and am thankful for each moment.

I want to help others new to unimaginable loss avoid my mistakes. I want to compassionately inspire others to get to an amazing life faster than I did.  I also believe it’s never too late. I will blog about the most significant lessons on my journey to thriving after unimaginable loss for those experienced with grief who want to move past surviving. I believe your wonderful life is waiting for you.

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