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Coffee CupCreate your best life after loss by learning life action planning skills. I can work with you to design the right life action plan for you.  

Thriving means you show up for all aspects of your life from giving and receiving love to working through any challenge. It involves being emotionally healthy, understanding habits, and managing your thoughts. It includes easily feeling joy, growing as a person, and realizing your dreams.

The more you thrive after devastating loss, the less sadness is triggered, the more joy you experience, the greater you may feel connection with lost loved ones, and the more you love your life. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one or have been through a difficult change, why not live your best life? I believe that’s what your loved one wants for you and what you deserve.

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Action Planning Steps

  1. Prioritize Goals
  2. Choose Tasks
  3. Use Best Resources
  4. Implement Strategically
  5. Gratitude & Celebration
  6. Improve Ongoing

Example Prioritized Objectives

  1. Thought and Emotion
  2. Organization and Productivity
  3. Life Mystery
  4. Critical Tasks Completed
  5. Physical Health
  6. Finances and Generosity
  7. Loving Relationships
  8. Fun and Pleasure
  9. Career and Helping Others
  10. Dreams Achieved

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