Loss of a Child Book

Thriving After the Death of a Child

This book may help anybody struggling with grief from any kind of loss.



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Reader Reviews

“What an inspirational book! I love that Cathy shares her struggles and how she was able to overcome the grief associated with the loss of her son. Her resilience shows that anyone can heal and live a life full of purpose. I recommend this book to everyone that feels they aren’t able to move forward after the loss of a loved one. This book will not disappoint! Thank you Cathy for sharing your story!”

“This is such a powerful book. It will truly help in your way of thinking about loss. I myself had my share of losses and the depression that goes along with it. This book helped me realize that it is OK to be in mourning but that you still have a life to live even if it’s hard to wake up and smile. This was heartwarming, heart wrenching, happy, and a beautiful dedication to her son and the pieces that are left behind. A must-read!”

“This was truly an inspirational book. The author demonstrated how she was able to pick herself up after the loss of her beloved son. She has made a conscious choice to live her life to the fullest! I’m sure her son is very proud of his Mom and her decision. So glad I bought and read this book.”

“Thank you, God, for Cathy Cheshire! What a true act of kindness wrapped in love for others! This book has been written to help all of us that have unfortunately experienced the loss of our child. If you are reading this you have or you know someone that has lost their beloved child. I’m so very sorry for your pain. We are all on the same road. Some may or may not be further along the path than you and I. This dear woman opens her heart in complete honesty to all on this journey. I have read this book several times. I found such great comfort in reading her story. She opens wide her heart for all to read. Cathy goes in-depth about her terrible experience. I pray all who get this book finds the comfort that I have found. Encouragement, truth, compassion, along with tremendous love, is what this book is all about. And, we not only can survive but thrive! May your pain leave you quickly. May your beautiful memories last a lifetime. God bless you😘 Thank you, Cathy Cheshire, for showing me the sun shall and will shine after the storm. May it shine ever so brightly upon you😘”

“Cathy is raw in this emotionally charging true account of the excruciatingly painful loss of her beloved son. It is the honest nightmare of every parent to lose a child. In her book, Cathy describes how she overcame being engulfed by her agony as she learned to live with her grief and thrive again in order to carry on the essence of her own child. She is helping thousands of people with her sincere testimony. I recommend this book to you if you have experienced this same pain and grief and are striving to thrive again and carry on the essence of your child or children.”