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Cathy Cheshire
Founder, Creator, and Administrator, Master Grief Coaching & Online Certification
Call or Text 1-216-903-9723, Eastern Time Zone Converter
Nearest Major City is Cleveland, Ohio

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My Story of Resilience

Personal Loss Experience

  • 1990s+ Relatives tried to die by suicide and struggled with addiction
  • 1995 Estranged from parents and siblings after vocalizing in her 30s with another sibling about being abused as a children
  • 2006 Successful relationship and marriage after 3 prior divorces involving financial hardship
  • 2007 Biological only child died in a rollover car accident at age 16 when his friend driving lost control of the car
  • 2017 Stepson died from a blood clot stroke after a month in ICU with an infection at age 29, his mother, my husband’s previous wife died from an infection in 1999 at age 36


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Short (54 words)
After a lifetime of loss including the death of two children, Cathy Cheshire used her business degree, healthcare leadership experience, and diverse training from grief experts to become a grief author, speaker, and educator. She created the Master Grief Coaching and Online Certification program as an option for comprehensive, convenient, and affordable grief training.

Standard (90 words)
Cathy Cheshire learned to be resilient after the death of her only two children, divorce, abuse, loved ones with addictions, relatives trying suicide, and estrangement from family. After researching the diverse work of over 100 experts including psychologists and neuroscientists, she used her business degree, healthcare leadership experience, life coach certification, and grief counseling training from the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition to become a grief author, speaker and educator. Cathy created the Master Grief Coaching and Online Certification program as an option for comprehensive and concise grief training.

Publications (74 words)
Her book, “Thriving After the Death of a Child” is on major internet bookstores. Her comprehensive and concise training modules “Understanding Grief and Healing”, “Grief Coaching”, and “Small Business Planning” are available at which includes her blog, interviews, and resources. Experts referenced include over 80 Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Neuroscientists, and Coaches. Topics cover thought, emotion, mindfulness, and resilience. Website visitors can learn, find a coach, get certified, and learn to create a certification program.

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Speaker (62 words)
Cathy is an experienced inspiring speaker on diverse topics including all aspects of grief, leadership, quality improvement, exceptional service, and business success. She conducted formal seminars and webinars when she worked in healthcare, has been a returning speaker for and Health Information Management Systems Society, conducted local Meetup grief groups, and presented on a grief cruise. Attendee feedback is consistently positive.

Children (145 words)
In 2007 Cathy’s son died in a car accident at age 16 when his friend driving lost control of the car. In 2017 her stepson at age 29 died after a blood clot from an infection caused a stroke. After the first loss, Cathy knew nothing about grief and didn’t want to go on until implementing a plan to improve all the areas of her life. She discovered the more she focuses on what she values, the less often negative emotions are triggered. As she studied the work of traditional and progressive professionals with varied grief expertise, she finally understood how thoughts and emotions function. When her stepson died, the pain was the same, but she readily embraced her grief and was not fearful. As she continues cultivating her life, prepared to handle inevitable loss and adversity, she focuses on meaning rather than unyielding suffering.

Personal (86 words)
Moving 17 times for jobs and relationships, Cathy has lived on the west side of the country and in the mid-west. She has been thriving for years, is happily married, and lives with her husband near Cleveland, Ohio. They are animal lovers and have two rescued dogs named Benji and Petey. They enjoy spending time with loved ones, traveling, boating, snow skiing, and sightseeing on their motorcycle. Cathy balances her time between joyous personal moments and supporting others in finding the way to their own light.

Talking Points

  • Why is death such an avoided topic?
  • What are common responses to profound grief that we may not realize? 
  • How can parents and family members make sense of the death of a loved one who died young with unfulfilled potential?
  • Does never getting over the loss of a loved one mean someone grieving will have limited happiness?
  • So many struggle after loss. What are some things that we don’t ‘get’ about grief?
  • How does understanding how our thoughts work help with grieving?
  • How might mindfulness help with grief? 
  • How do most people get past feeling broken after loss and fully live again?
  • How can we learn to be resilient after loss?
  • How does the law of attraction work with death and suffering?
  • What can someone do if they feel guilty about fully living after the death of a loved one because they feel it would be ignoring or betraying the person that died?
  • Is there anything we can learn from grief?
  • What is the best thing to say to someone grieving?
  • Where do top grief experts agree and disagree about grief and healing?
  • How do men and women grieve differently?
  • How can we help children grieve?
  • Why is grief after the loss of a pet so often minimized?

Presentation Topics

  • Strengthening Resilience After Loss
  • Extraordinary Lessons Learned After the Loss of All Children
  • Thriving After the Death of a Child
  • Introduction to Mind and Body Techniques
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques for Well-Being