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Learn about grief or become a certified grief and bereavement coach. 

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Grief is the response to loss, and bereavement is the period of mourning.  Grief can easily be misunderstood.  You may benefit from learning about grief and can support others as a Certified Master Grief Coach.

“Loss and grief are part of the human experience. Unfortunately, they are rarely a part of graduate training in the helping professions.”

   – Robert A. Neimeyer, Ph.D., Psychology

We are dedicated to providing affordable resources, so you can discover your best way to heal and even thrive after any loss. Skills you develop may empower you to teach those you love including children.

Three individual PDF modules with editable forms are available and have been reviewed by an advisory board of diverse professionals with backgrounds including psychology, business, teaching, healthcare, energy healing, authoring grief books, and speaking. Grief has greatly affected their own lives.


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Click on each highlighted title for more detailed content information. Worksheet instructions and resource explanations are included in modules.

Understanding Grief and Healing Module

Individual purchase or required if being certified. This module is comprehensive yet concise. It is compiled from both traditional and progressive information from top experts with various backgrounds who have worked with the most grievers. Their backgrounds include PhDs in psychology, philosophy, and biology. Some of their careers include studying and teaching mindfulness and resilience. The module explains where they agree and disagree. You can learn from the most experienced in one place. Learn from this module and/or receive support.  Certified Master Grief Coaches

Master Grief Coaching Module

Individual purchase or required if being certified. This module can teach you how to coach yourself, but there is a synergy in partnering with a coach that allows for accomplishing goals with greater ease when you are suffering. Master Grief Coaches understand the breadth of grief and healing information but know the importance of focusing on the unique goals of a griever. Grief is as individual as each person.

Certification Option

Certification as a Master Grief Coach refers to the confirmation of competent skills by online testing and oral assessment. Proficient knowledge of the “Understanding Grief and Healing” and “Master Grief Coaching” training modules are required for certification. The test excludes the business action planning module because some may not have their own Master Grief Coaching business. 

You can enhance your career or have your own Master Grief Coaching business working from home. You can be certified in any country and provide Master Grief Coaching worldwide. You may attract more clients when you are certified. We use a screening process because we desire a reputation for being professional and for providing consistent quality service.

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The application process has three steps that may be taken in any order. 

After your completed application, agreement, and test are reviewed, you will be notified by email if you are approved to go through the certification process or why there are concerns about proceeding.

Certification Process
Training hours include 7 hourly one-on-one sessions scheduled at your convenience with a Master Grief Coach trainer who will ask open-ended questions. You can choose appointments by phone or video chat. Some complete the training in a couple weeks and others take a few months. Training is available all year. You may record your sessions. 

Certification Completion
Once your competency as a Master Grief Coach is confirmed, you will be emailed a Certified Master Grief Coach certificate. We can email you a Certified Master Grief Coach logo with your name, or you can use your own.  You have the option to use a free webpage on our website and PayPal only charges you a small fee as you receive each client payment.

As long as you maintain your certification, You will have the password for Coach Login which contains the most current documents, editable forms, marketing examples, and Master Grief Coach resources. You will have access to the Business Action Planning module free. Basic coaching and business support are free and extensive support is $60/hour. 

Total Master Grief Coach Certification Cost
Understanding Grief and Healing Module    $12
Master Grief Coaching Module                        $12
Certification Option                                          $420
Business Action Planning Module                 Free

Total Cost                                                            $444

Business Action Planning Module

Individual purchase, not covered in certification, FREE if certified. Business Action Planning is important for any size business. Principles used by successful multi-million-dollar companies have been simplified so they can be easily applied to establishing and operating a coaching business with nominal start-up expense. After purchasing the business module, basic support is free and extensive support including promotion design, WordPress website development, Google Ads campaigns, and creating training programs is $60/hour. 


Limited scholarships are available by Application

Submitting a scholarship application does not guarantee you a scholarship or automatically register you for the program. Applicants with the greatest financial need will be given the greatest consideration.

Please email or call 1-216-903-9723 if you have questions.