Near-Death Experiences

“When we experience the light, we stand a little nearer to the glorious life that once was ours and will be again. For that reason, I call them Near-Life Experiences.”
– Jeff O’Driscoll, MD, Emergency Medicine, Spiritual Mentor

A near-death experience (NDE) is a personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of light. These stories can be comforting as their loving messages are similar. Worldwide, those coming back after death consistently say this life is all about learning how to love.

Dr Raymond Moody explains that there are negative near-death experiences reported, but there are so few that it’s hard to study them. There may be a hesitancy to report them. He says a complicating factor is that religious fanatics have been proven to fabricate hellish near-death experiences to scare people to convert them. 


International Association for Near Death Studies



Life After Life Website

Extraordinary Experience Experts

  • Anita Moorjani, Best-selling Author
  • Christine Duminiak, After Death Communication Expert, Author, Speaker
  • Eban Alexander III, MD, Neurosurgery
  • Ingrid Honkala, PhD, Philosophy, Scientist, Author
  • Linda Backman, PhD, Psychology, Author
  • Lynda Cheldelin Fell, International Best-selling and Award-winning Author
  • Mark Anthony, JD, Law and Metaphysics, Spiritualist
  • Mary C Neal, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Nicole Gruel, PhD, Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, Author
  • Norma Edwards, DDiv, Doctor of Divinity, Certified NLP Life Coach
  • Raymond A Moody Jr, MD, Psychiatry, PhD, Philosophy, Psychology
  • Suzanne Giesemann, Medium, Mystic, Past US Navy Commander
  • Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium
  • William Bloom, PhD, Philosophy, Author
  • Yvonne Kason, MD, Family Practice and Psychotherapy

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