Pet Loss

The depth of pain felt from grieving after the death of a person or pet may reflect how much we loved, felt attached, and were bonded with them. It can be an honor to grieve.


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Gratitude – A Pet Loss Poem
Feathered speckled down
Like a warm, gentle breeze,
You brush my face with your fur.
More than anything
I feel your presence,
Listen to your breath,
Sense your aliveness,
Your love.
A compassionate soul like yours
I have never known before.
How can you look at me with such eyes?
Love spoken a thousand different ways,
A thousand times,
Your sparkle tells all,
Washes over all,
Heals all,
I am filled by your gaze,
Searching deep,
The quest of your tenderness,
The power of your care giving,
The success of your reassurance,
I snuggle into your side
And let all of life’s worries wash away.

~ Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL
Pet Loss Grief Coach | Bestselling Author | Pioneer