Small Business Action Planning



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A module contains information covering just one topic independently of other modules, which all work together to cover the main subject. This is one of three modules, which includes:

  1. Understanding Grief and Healing
  2. Grief Coaching
  3. Small Business Action Planning

The same United States of America resources referenced can be searched online for similar resources in other countries.

Prerequisite: “Understanding Grief and Healing” and “Grief Coaching” if you want to manage a “Grief Coaching” business. None if you are already a coach specializing in any area.

Audience: Anybody who wants to start a coaching or related business or is struggling to manage one.

Objective: To teach a coach or individual business owner how to effectively establish and manage their business.

Topics include:
Business Related Definitions
Ownership Related Definitions
Marketing Related Definitions
Certification Related Definitions
Business Action Planning Worksheet
Organization & Productivity
Market Analysis Worksheet
Legal Considerations
Financial Procedures
Client & Expense Tracking Worksheet
Reduced Fee Financial Application
Operating Procedures
Procedure Topics
Business Content
Advertising Content
Media Kit
Methods Free or With Fees
Methods with Fees
Organic Website Traffic
Marketing Campaign Procedures
Marketing Campaign Component Examples
Social Media
Editing Checklist
Scam Prevention
Certification Program Creation
Certification Sessions Guide
How Coaching Can Make a Difference
Experts Researched & Recommended

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