Grief Sessions Only Option 4 Individual Payments



This is for certified coaches and licensed counselors/therapists who have emailed that documentation to

Individual $60 payments can be made before scheduling each of the 4 grief certification sessions or at least 24 hours before a scheduled session.  PayPal securely processes debit or credit, even without creating a PayPal account.

Oral assessment includes 4 hourly one-on-one sessions from the “Understanding Grief & Healing ” module only scheduled as convenient for you as possible.

Application, test, and agreement must be completed first.

Cathy Cheshire LLC Master Grief Coach Certification REFUND Policy
Master Grief Coach certification time, satisfaction, and financial investment is valued and appreciated. Email subscribe at the upper right-hand corner of any page to receive periodic newsletters, which include price increase advanced notice.

No refunds for digital module products. For module content questions, please call 1-216-903-9723 or email

The prorated Master Grief Coach hourly certification time paid but unused will be refunded, minus a 5% service fee. This applies to a refund request from an applicant by email to, or if at any point during certification it is identified the applicant does not understand the grief and coaching information enough to be certified, and the applicant does not want to study more.

Master Grief Coach hourly certification sessions full or hourly payment made without scheduling for 90 days, will be automatically refunded, minus a 5% service fee, unless a request for other arrangements from an applicant by email to has been approved. Master Grief Coach certification session full or hourly payment may be made again, and this same policy applies.

Operating efficiently supports minimizing the program fee, so Cathy Cheshire LLC will not hold, track, or follow-up on your money, and does not want it to be forgotten.

One thought on “Grief Sessions Only Option 4 Individual Payments

  1. Cathy L Cheshire says:

    Hello Clara, Thank you for your message. I am so grateful for healthcare workers including yourself. You have done so much to help others. Counselors/Therapists are licensed because they support those with mental illness. Grief is normal and natural so there is no licensing requirement for grief coaching. Phone and virtual grief coaching session work well. WIth the Master Grief Coach certification program, the business module which is free after certification includes valuable marketing information and basic support is always free. I agree there is a great need for covid-19 related grief issues, and there are so many. You don’t need to provide nursing documentation, just coaching certificate if you already have that education. Are you asking if nursing counts as coaching education? Please let me know if you have more questions or give me a call at 216-903-9723. All of the program information is here I value an opportunity to answer questions and talk about certification over the phone. I would love to connect more with you. Take good care, Cathy Cheshire

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