Master Grief Coach Certification Training 7 Hourly Sessions



One time fee. Debit or credit is processed securely by PayPal, even without creating a PayPal account.

Testimonial – “From the depth of my being, I feel this wonderful gift to humanity will be available long into the future. I am so so sooo grateful to be a part of it.”

7 hourly sessions scheduled at your convenience. The agenda below describes what is planned to be covered in each session.

Session 1
Review application & agreement
Review test questions incorrectly answered
Understanding Grief and Healing module: Institution Grief Definitions to Forgiveness

Session 2
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Mindfulness to Thought & Emotion Worksheet

Session 3
Understanding Grief  & Healing module: Life Action Planning Worksheet
Financial Planning & Loving Relationships Worksheets

Session 4
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Grief Expert Disagreement to Mind & Body Techniques

Session 5
Master Grief Coaching module: Description to Compassion Fatigue & Self Care

Session 6
Master Grief Coaching module: Client Service Case Study & Client Sessions Guide

Session 7
Master Grief Coaching Module: Example Phrasing
Support available & Certification finalization

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