Cathy Cheshire is an inspirational experienced speaker. Attendee feedback is consistently positive. Presentation topics can cover everything from what to expect with grief to thriving after loss. Adaptation to the audience will be made to meet the needs and interests of those in attendance. Please call Cathy Cheshire at (216) 903-9723 for more information on any event.

Free live interactive online group presentations with Q&A available on request. 


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The Seminars at Sea Program is a new “healing” concept to give those suffering from grief the tools to better cope with their loss, no matter how much time has passed. This very special cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea honoring and celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones. Many are unprepared for the grieving process that follows profound loss. Be inspired in a nurturing community of people who are or have been where you are in your grief journey. Guests will have the opportunity to better understand their grief journey, receive compassionate support, and enhance their coping skills. Optional workshops and activities will take place on the days we are out at sea. There will be plenty of time to relax, spend time with others, and explore off ship excursions. Give yourself and loved ones a gift of understanding or consider sponsoring a family.

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Ship PhotoCall Cathy Cheshire at (216) 903-9723 or so a cruise specialist can reach you to answer all your questions and process your reservation if you decide to attend, CLICK to send your contact information. 

7 Nights, Sun 3/3 – Sun 3/10/19

Cruise MapFor Royal Carribean Oasis of the Seas visual, CLICK for video ship tourLeaves from Port Canaveral, Florida near Orlando airport. Ports are Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, Cozumel MexicoBook early for the best price. Easy payments available. Double occupancy $500 Deposit. Rooms start at $1490. Seminar at Sea Program per person fee $300. 5-Star world class dining and shows. Hope, information, understanding, and support.


Talented professional grief experts will be sharing their time and compassionate support with guests.


Presenter backgrounds include loss of a parent, husband, wife, and child. Experiences include the death of a loved one by health issues, cancer, stroke, stillbirth, medical error, car accident, motorcycle accident, addiction, and suicide. 

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Presentations by Cathy Cheshire

“Strengthening Resilience After Loss”

IMG_6563What Cathy Cheshire learned after her teenage son died in a car accident, taught her to be resilient 10 years later when her stepson died from a blood clot. After the first loss, Cathy knew nothing about grief and did not want to go on until implementing a plan to improve all the areas of her life. She discovered the more she focuses on what she values, the less negative emotions are triggered. As she studied the work of traditional and progressive professionals with varied grief expertise, she finally understood how her thoughts and emotions function.

When her stepson died, the pain was the same, but she readily embraced her grief. As she continued cultivating her life, her lessons became extraordinary and allow her to be happy for others because now she cherishes her own life. Prepared to handle inevitable loss and difficulties, she now looks for the lessons rather than unyielding suffering.

This workshop is for teenagers and adults. The objective is to provide hope and inspire attendees to think about how they may thrive after loss. You will discover how to: 1) Design and implement a life action plan; 2) Strengthen resilient by using mindfulness to manage the connection between thought, emotion, and the body; 3) Experience sadness and joy when grieving; and 4) Focus on the present moment to sharpen intuition and inspiration to make heartfelt decisions. *Worksheets will be provided. Q&A

“Introduction to Mind and Body Techniques” 

IMG_0909Abundant scientific information demonstrates the mind and body connection. The positive or negative functioning of one can affect the other, and many grievers have first-hand experience with this. Because of all the benefits, mind and body techniques are becoming mainstream. Cathy Cheshire tried numerous methods to see which would work best for her.

This workshop is for teenagers and adults. The objective is to inform attendees about diverse mind and body techniques, so individuals may be inspired to try ones that interest them. You will learn the benefits of these popular ways to enhance well-being: Acupuncture; Acupressure; Biofeedback; Craniosacral Therapy; Creative Activities; Emotional Freedom Technique (also called Tapping); Essential Oils; Guided Imagery; Hypnosis; Labyrinth Walking; Massage; Meditation; Reflexology; Reiki; Salt Caves; Sound Bathing; and Yoga. Cathy will also share her personal experience with these processes. *A summary page of mind and body techniques discussed will be provided. Q&A

The Compassionate Friends National Conference



“Extraordinary Lessons Learned After the Loss of All Children”

July 2018 National Conference, St Louis, Missouri

Compassionate Friends National Conference


The Compassionate Friends Conference 2016

“Thriving After the Death of a Child”

July 2016, Scottsdale, Arizona

Workshop Description
Cathy Cheshire shares from her book “Thriving After the Death of a Child” how she went from several years barely existing after her child died, to using an action plan that created the amazing life she now lives.

This workshop focuses on how to design and implement a life action plan, and Cathy takes you through her own objectives. She explains how she became emotionally healthy and what led her to embrace life’s mysteries. The resources she used to foster good habits and overcome negative thoughts will be discussed. She reveals how she managed to break away from dysfunctional relationships while drawing loving people into her life. After leaving a successful executive career and becoming a grief specialist, Cathy will share what she realized about the importance of fun, passion for your job, and helping others.

An action plan template is provided, and the group works together to inspire the development of your own strategy to live your best life.