IMG_2866Cathy Cheshire is an experienced inspirational speaker and support group facilitator. Attendee feedback is consistently positive.

Presentation topics can cover everything from what to expect with grief to learning resilience. Adaptation to the audience will be made to meet the needs and interests of those in attendance. 

Interactive in-person and online video group presentations and support groups are available. Please call Cathy Cheshire at (352) 322-7722 for more information and to schedule.

Organization tailor-made education videos produced on request. Existing and ongoing new employees can review the video at orientation, a meeting, or at their convenience.

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Exploring the Seasons of Life Produced by Cynthia MacMillan

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CynthiaMacmillan.com and Facebook

I am grateful for connecting with Cynthia MacMillan on her podcast for women with a big heart on a spiritual journey. Each week Cynthia interviews coaches, spiritual explorers, and celebrants from all walks of life about beginnings, endings + the messy bits in-between. Self-love, well-being, and mindset are at the heart of the conversations because once you change the inside, the outside will begin to change as well.

“Thank you for being an amazing guest!” – Cindy

Motherless Moms Virtual Retreat Produced by Suzy Finnefrock

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Surviving to Thriving with Grief in the Open
Virtual Retreat for Motherless Moms

I joined a dozen speakers to lovingly bring into the light and support motherless moms by sharing stories from the heart and providing empowering suggestions. I greatly admire, Suzy Finnefrock, Founder of LoveYourBodyVT.com, for hosting a retreat specifically for motherless moms to cultivate self-compassion for their experience and journey of grief. Now, more than ever, we need to listen to our soul’s desires of what is yearning to be released and to heal what needs to be healed so we can live life inspired.

“Every woman on this planet has the right to feel empowered and hopeful to create a life they want – however that may look for them. Your story illuminates a path out of the sorrow, a path through the grief that leads to joy, hope, and possibility.  I really appreciate the time you took to sit with me. Your willingness to share openly revealed so many points of connection for me. I know that every listener will find their own points of connection with your story as well.” – Suzy

CareRite Centers Grief Education

Employee conference calls, Live Zoom classes for over 80 team members,
Video for other facility team members, Handout

Weekly Topics, April, 2020
* Managing Well-being During a Crisis
* Understanding Grief and Healing
* Meaning Making After Loss
* Being There for the Dying, Grieving, and Yourself

Zoom classes & handout, over 80 employees, May, 2020
CareRite Centers tailored video for other team members

CareRite Centers provide unprecedented levels of genuine care and customer service for their national communities’ Rehabilitation and Nursing needs, in a soothing, tranquil, and state-of-the-art environment.

“Your sessions have been so incredibly helpful for so many. We hope that you know you’re appreciated by our network. We just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and continue to do for the Community, With deep respect and admiration, Your CareRite Family”

CareRite Centers Press Release, May, 2020
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Helping Parents Heal Akron/Cleveland Support Group

“Loving Your Mind”

Presentation Description
Cathy Cheshire explained the importance of understanding how the conscious and subconscious parts of our minds work, especially when grieving. She described how to use mindfulness to change even the most resistant subconscious thought patterns often programmed by family or society. Cathy shared how she went from an unknowing prisoner of her mind to being empowered to make constructive choices based on her own desires. She believes others can do the same once they have the knowledge and tools.

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Journeys of Hope Healing & Health Bereavement Cruise

“Cathy is one of the warmest people I ever met. Not only does she have valuable content to share, but she is also a lovely companion to watch the sunset with. 🌞 As presenter and coach, she talks about (self) compassion and how to go from unconstructive to constructive thought during your grief. I found her worksheet very helpful to find the right words to go with my thoughts. Her method is truly strengthening resilience. THANK YOU dear Cathy, hope to See you again on another inspiring seminar at sea, cruise or event, big hug 💜 “

This new “healing” concept gives those suffering from grief the tools to better cope with their loss. This special cruise is a powerful transformational journey at sea honoring and celebrating the lives of our lost loved ones. Be inspired in a nurturing community of people who are or have been where you are in your grief journey. Guests will have the opportunity to better understand their grief journey, receive compassionate support, and enhance their coping skills.

TheGriefCruises.com formerly Journeys of Hope, Healing, & Health

Presentation Description


Grief Chat on KDWA with Mitch Carmody “Mr Heartlight”

Mitch Carmody, GSP, CCP, Artist, Author, Grief Educator, and Motivational Speaker, hosts his own Radio Show called “Grief Chat” on KDWA live from Hastings, Minnesota. The announcer is Marvelous Mo McNeary Sieben. Listen to future shows online at kdwa.com/listen. Cathy briefly talks about hope and having many teachers. 

Open to Hope Produced by Drs Gloria and Heidi Horsley

Dr. Gloria Horsley is an internationally recognized grief expert, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She is the founder and president of OpenToHope.com, the world’s largest multi-media web-based resource for the bereaved. Dr Gloria co-hosts with her daughter Dr Heidi Horsley, award-winning cable television and radio shows. Dr Gloria Horsley dedicates her work to her deceased son, Scott. Cathy briefly talks about loss and healing. 

Walking into New Now Produced by Cortne Lee Smith

Cortne Lee Smith is a Master Relationship Mechanic Coach and Grief Strategist. Cathy talks about becoming empowered by learning how my mind and emotions work together propelled me to loving life again after loss. Listen to the recording.


Coming Back Produced by Shelby Forsythia

Shelby Forsythia is an Intuitive Grief Guide and host of the podcast “Coming Back: Conversations on Life After Loss.” Her website is ShelbyForsythia.com. Cathy and Shelby discuss changing your mind about grief. Cathy talks about how loss challenged her to develop mindfulness. She believes grievers can heal themselves when given the right tools. She shares what it feels like to be punished for telling the truth and how grief work is essentially a practice of “giving people back to themselves.” 

Intentional Beings Podcast Produced by Omar M Makram

Omar Makram is the bestselling author of “Transcending the Maya Matrix” which is the illusion of reality. IntentionalBeings.com  Cathy talks with Omar about how what he explains in his book is how she learned to thrive after loss. Listen to the full podcast. 

Ten Minute Mindset Produced by Mario Porreca

After years of cooking professionally, authoring books, speaking around the world, and coaching personal clients, Mario learned that our life and our results are created by our mindset. His website is MarioPorreca.com

On the 1st episode, Cathy defines grief, explains how important it is to recognize our emotions, and explains how our mindset plays a vital role in how we respond to grief and take charge of our lives. Listen to the 1st podcast.

On the 2nd episode, Cathy talks about the importance of our thought patterns, how breaking those patterns allows us to create new results in our lives, and the impact of purposely focusing on and experiencing empowering emotions. We can have what we desire—it doesn’t have to be so hard. Listen to the 2nd podcast.

10-Minute-Mindset-Widescreen-Episode-146-1080x675 2

Grief and Healing Corner Produced by Sharon Ehlers

After working in Corporate America, Sharon started her own company to offer a multi-dimensional approach to grief through emotional recovery and spiritual healing. Now an award-winning Author, Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist®, and Reiki Master Teacher, she is helping others to heal and recover from grief by providing them with a safe, compassionate, and healing environment for their journey. Check out her website at Grief-Reiki.com.  Cathy talks with Sharon about her unimaginable losses and what she did to heal and then thrive. 

Am Healing My Soul TV Produced by Vicki McClifty

Vicki is a Life Artist / Coach with Vicki McClifty Coaching and host of AM Healing My Soul TV. She knows there is far more to life, to existence than we can ever imagine. We are all vibrational beings sharing this life experience. Our souls are eternal. Let us learn to nurture the gift of life which brings us the freedom to explore fearlessly, and ultimately brings us joy. Her website is Vicki McClifty Law of Attraction Coaching. Cathy talks with Vicki about how she learned to thrive after loss.

Holiday Tools Produced by Justina Gioia

Justina Gioia is an expertly trained Sex, Love & Relationship coach. 6 grief experts, including Cathy Cheshire, share their best tools to help those grieving during the holiday season.

The Compassionate Friends National Conference

Go to the website at CompassionateFriends.org

“We attended her workshop last year in Scottsdale. She is absolutely an inspiration and a phenomenal speaker.”

“Extraordinary Lessons Learned After the Loss of All Children” 2018

Presentation Description
When Cathy Cheshire’s one son died, she knew nothing about grief and did not want to go on until implementing a plan to improve all the areas of her life. She discovered the more she focuses on what she values, the less negative emotions are triggered. She passionately studied the work of traditional and progressive professionals with varied grief expertise. When her other son died, the pain was the same, but she readily embraced her grief. Continuing to cultivate her life, her lessons became extraordinary. In honor of her sons, Cathy left a business career in healthcare and became an author, speaker, and the founder of the Certified Master Grief Coach program.

This workshop is for adults and the objective is to provide hope and inspire attendees to think about how they may thrive after loss. You will learn:

  • How to design and implement a life action plan
  • How to be resilient by using mindfulness to manage the connection between thought, emotion, and the body
  • How to experience sadness and joy when grieving
  • How focusing on the present moment sharpens intuition and inspiration to make heartfelt decisions
  • How improving the body’s energy flow supports healing. Worksheets provided. Q&A

“Thriving After the Death of a Child” 2016

Presentation Description
Cathy Cheshire shares from her book “Thriving After the Death of a Child” how she went from several years barely existing after her child died, to using an action plan that created the amazing life she now lives.

This workshop focuses on how to design and implement a life action plan, and Cathy takes you through her own objectives. She explains how she became emotionally healthy and what led her to embrace life’s mysteries. The resources she used to foster good habits and overcome negative thoughts will be discussed. She reveals how she managed to break away from dysfunctional relationships while drawing loving people into her life. After leaving a successful executive career and becoming a grief specialist, Cathy will share what she realized about the importance of fun, passion for your job, and helping others.

An action plan template is provided, and the group works together to inspire the development of your own strategy to live your best life.

Seminars 2006-2008

  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Teambuilding
  • Maximizing Profit
  • Consistent Quality Performance