Summary & Payment

Important and necessary for certification to read the entire “Detailed Instructions” under the “Education” menu option at least once to understand options and procedures. Then use this webpage also under the “Education” menu option.

Small Business Action Planning” module is excluded from certification because a grief coaching business is optional. It is free after certification or can be purchased anytime.

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STEP 1 Buy/Study Grief and Coaching Modules $12 each
STEP 2 Buy Master Grief Coach Certification $420
STEP 3 Complete online REGISTRATION (click)
Complete online
STEP 5 Complete online TEST (click)
Explain questions missed by email or scheduled call

$420 includes support with questions by phone, text, or email before, during, and after certification, and access to the benefits listed on the “Detailed Instructions” webpage for as long as the program exists.

For a summary of the topics included, click on each module title.