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Important and necessary for certification to read the entire Detailed Instructions webpage at least once to understand options and procedures. Then use this webpage.

Small Business Action Planning” module is excluded from certification because a grief coaching business is optional. It is free after certification or can be purchased anytime.

Steps Revised August 18, 2020
A registration form replaces requiring an approved application.

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STEP 1 Buy and study “Understanding Grief and Healing” & “Grief Coaching” modules
STEP 2 Complete online TEST (click)
Complete online AGREEMENT (click)
STEP 4 Complete online REGISTRATION (click)
     Not needed if application completed prior to August 18, 2021
STEP 5 Buy and schedule certification hourly sessions

For a summary of topics included, click on each module title. 

Coach and Therapist Grief Only Option for full certification

For those who email documentation of coaching certification or counseling/therapy education or licensing they already have to

Master Grief Coach Certification Agenda

Each certification session is an hour by phone or video chat if requested. Definitions do not need to be memorized. Concepts like why it is important to know definitions will be discussed.

Understanding Grief & Healing Module
Session 1
Introduction and Review Test Questions Missed
Grief Expert Definition – Suicide, Pages 9 – 111
Session 2
Mindfulness – Thought & Emotion Worksheet, Pages 112 – 141
Session 3
Life Action Planning Worksheet – Dreams Achieved, Pages 142 – 169
Financial Planning and Loving Relationships Worksheets
Session 4
Expert Disagreement – Mind and Body Techniques, Pages 170 – 212

Grief Coaching Module
Session 5
Coaching and Therapy Comparison – Dealing with Difficult People, Pages 10 – 44
Session 6
Service Case Study – Coaching Sessions Guide Example Phrasing, Pages 45 – 86
Session 7
Coaching Situations Example Phrasing, Pages 87 – 91
Support available and Certification finalization