“Cathy is a remarkable person who I’m glad to have crossed paths with. She is an expert at what she does and is highly qualified in training you about grief. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself in the process of working with her.  I would highly recommend her program and having her as your grief recovery coach.” 

“Thank you, Cathy, for being my guiding light, for each word of encouragement, your wisdom, your wealth of knowledge, and for training me with the skills to equip me to inspire us in the grief world. You are heaven sent!”

“Cathy Cheshire has created a program that teaches you how to effectively help others who are truly grieving in this world. Whether their grief comes from the loss of a loved one or pet, a diagnosis of a terminal illness, divorce, the loss of a job, past traumatic experiences, or a myriad of other experiences, her program will teach you how to help them understand their challenges, remember and embrace their capabilities, and begin to heal in a new way. Grief coaching is much needed in this world and once certified you may begin to go out and be a light for those in pain.

She provides each student with modules, each containing pertinent and precise information needed in order to help others begin to thrive and live better lives, as well as the business component of making a living from becoming a grief coach. Cathy will speak with you one-on-one over the phone or through video chat and review the material that is most important.

As you ponder whether or not to either make that career move or add to an already existing career, I highly recommend Cathy Cheshire’s Grief Coaching Certification Program!”

“From the depth of my being, I feel this wonderful gift to humanity will be available long into the future. I am so so sooo grateful to be a part of it.” 

“First I just want to say thank you! From the first time we spoke our spirits connected. You inspired me immediately, therefore I was very comfortable sharing the most intimate details of my life with you. Your training was so valuable. Taking your program gave me the tools to step into my calling, as a Certified Master Grief Coach. The training is so impactful, its filled with knowledge. You have perfectly designed a training program which teaches others how-to conduct business professionally as well as how-to gracefully lead others (our clients) with the tools you’ve provided to understand grief and healing. My favorites sessions were “Emotional Clearing Work through the process of thought and emotions” and “Mindfulness”. But there were so many other spectacular jewels you provide in your training. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing experience and for teaching me the right stuff!”

“Your session alone was worth the conference registration fee.”

“What you taught has really helped me understand mindfulness in a new way.”

“Really enjoyed your talk at the conference.”

“I enjoyed your workshop and will be following up with your lessons.” 

“Through Instagram, I have had the opportunity to connect with @mastergriefcoachcathy who is just an extraordinary and inspiring woman. Through divorce and the loss of 2 sons, she channeled her grief into a tool to help others cope and heal. If you or someone you love is grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving in general, I encourage you to reach out to Cathy. She is wonderful! ✨”

Regarding Modules and Certification:  “From the depth of my being, I feel this wonderful gift to humanity will be available long into the future. I am so so sooo grateful to be a part of it.”

“Cathy you are an amazing lady. Your empathetic nature and pure natural genuine kindness shine through to others in a big way, especially those who are struggling with carrying grief. You have changed the world with your open loving heart and willingness to listen and advise. A battle-hardened soldier of grief you may be, but that is what makes you the amazing lady you are. It takes a naturally kind open heart to give a damn these days, and that’s what you do the best, you give a damn!! More power to you Cathy. You are one amazing lady!!”

Losing my mother after a 2 1/2 yr illness and subsequent betrayal by my siblings was devastating. I thought my sadness would lessen over time but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t. Friends suggested ways to get over it but nothing worked. Then I found Cathy and the Grief Recovery Method and my whole world changed. I cannot thank her enough for the wonderfully caring yet professional way she worked with me through the program. The tools I learned are invaluable and I finally feel like I have my life back again. I recommend Cathy and the Grief Recovery Program to anyone who is suffering a loss. It is worth it!”

“After losing my wonderful wife of 30 years I was completely lost. Cathy introduced me to the grief recovery program. Along with her professional guidance and personal stories of grief she helped me understand how all types of grief affect our lives and how to move forward in life. She’s a truly inspiring, wonderful person.”

“We attended her workshop last year in Scottsdale. She is absolutely an inspiration and a phenomenal speaker.”

“Cathy is a great listener. She helped to figure out I was carrying a backpack full of rocks; undelivered emotions and feelings. I kept adding rocks, (unresolved feelings) until I could barely breathe or move. She gave me some tools to communicate and complete my emotions. Cathy is professional and at the same time warm. I felt at ease and able to share confidences with her. As well as she did with me. Through talking and talking I was able to express my grief. Thanks to Cathy I learned that grief is not only for death but also for other losses in life; like moving, financial challenges, divorce and many other.”

“Working with Cathy was immensely helpful in assisting me in working through, addressing, and recovering from recent, immense, personal tragedy. Her own story of heartbreaking tragedy, loss, and recovery makes her uniquely qualified to help others. I highly recommend participating in the ‘The Grief Recovery’ method with Cathy Cheshire for your own opportunity to live again.”

“I want to Thank You so much for this website. The anxiety, anger, and hypervigilance are frightening to us. So glad to find this website. We just want peace again!”

“It was good to meet everyone that took that first brave step, we all did by going tonight…I am glad I did and look forward to learning more and helping one another in this process. Thank you, Cathy. You are an inspiration and I am excited to see where this group leads me.”

“Inspiring discussion of moving forward after deeply painful losses. So glad to be in the company of brave and powerful women looking to find a way to continue on the journey life has laid out for us. I look forward to our future meetings.”

“I attended a Meetup via a webinar that Cathy set up and found it to be highly motivating. Cathy is very accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient in her coaching and guidance. She took the time to address every question and concern I had and she did not move on to another topic until I had a complete understanding of each. I look forward to attending more in this series and appreciate Cathy’s method of compassionate teaching. I highly recommend!”

“You are caring, inspiring, understanding, and always willing to help others grow.”

“Passion showed in presentation and confidence was motivating.”

“Exceptional presentation.”

“Presentation information packaged to take with me for review and use.”

“Entire presentation was of great interest and very valuable for the future.”

“The participants we had on the webcast really enjoyed your presentation and say that you really know your stuff!”

“The information you shared was well received and affected very positive responses on our program evaluation form.”

“We are reaping the benefits of her professional experience and her passion for excellence.”