“Can I just say… I am honored to be your student and I am grateful to have met you and be coached by you.”

“As a Certified Natural Health Professional and Life Strategies Coach specializing in stress management and emotional wellness, I have had a surprising number of clients come to me who are dealing with loss and grief in one form or another. Although I have had numerous personal experiences with grief and loss, I wanted to make certain that I can provide the information, encouragement, and support to others who are dealing with the major transitions, losses, and grief that are an inevitable part of life. The Master Grief Coach certification program created by Cathy Cheshire has been a perfect fit for me, and I’m very grateful to have discovered it. I found Cathy to be extremely knowledgeable, personable, engaging, and professional during our one on one certification sessions. I’m delighted that I invested my time and resources in the program and am looking forward to bringing what I have learned into my practice to help my clients.”

“I researched Grief Certification Programs for a very long time and when I came across Cathy Chesire LLC, I just knew it was the perfect fit for me. Her personal storytelling on her website, her extensive instructions, resources, experience, and knowledge matched her compassion, professionalism, support, and communication when working with her one on one. Cathy is dedicated to the success of her clients and she is an incredible ally to have on your team as you start working as a Master Grief Coach. I am truly grateful for my positive experience with her in this program and I am a more confident, skilled professional because of it!”

“I’m so thankful I chose Cathy for my grief coach certification. Her love and passion shine through her teachings. She takes time to be sure you understand and always asks if you have any questions before moving to another session. Cathy is professional at all times. Her knowledge is powerful and leads you to full understanding to become a certified grief coach. Thanks, Cathy!”

“Whether you are new to the grief world or you are looking to gain more knowledge in your field, Cathy Cheshire’s Master Grief Coach Certification will not fail you. To know Cathy’s story and to see her walk in her healing is proof that Grief Coaching works.  I applaud you for taking your pain and turning it into purpose.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”  

“I am very grateful for the excellent certification process that Cathy Cheshire offers. The material is extensive, practical, and truly prepares you to help others with their grief. I really appreciated the training calls, which were engaging and thorough. The one on one interaction and resources make a huge difference as you learn to apply what you are learning. I would highly recommend this Master Grief Coaching certification program.”

I came across several grief coaching classes and researched each and every one of them.  Cathy Cheshire is the one that stuck out from the others when I read all that was there.  I had a time in my life that I lost my husband suddenly and my father a week after.  I spiraled out of control with 2 children in college and didn’t know how to function myself.  Long story short…..I knew it was time that I wanted to start sharing my story and to help others, but I wanted to go about it the proper way.  When I reached out to Cathy, I felt very comfortable and confident that this was the journey that I needed to take.  I am proud to say that I received my certificate and am looking forward to the future.  I personally enjoyed the time that I had with Cathy learning, I couldn’t wait until the next call to continue from where we left off.  Thank you, Cathy, for all that you do and the wisdom.”

“I stumbled upon Cathy’s certification program while navigating my own grief journey after losing my 19-year-old son. I desperately needed to find meaning and to put my grief into action. I had heard a quote that “grief is love with nowhere to go”. I wanted and needed my love to go to places and to be with people. Cathy’s program has given me that opportunity. Not only does Cathy share her vast knowledge and extensive resources on the subject of grief, but she also shares her loving and caring heart. She is a living testimony that regardless of what or who we grieve, we have what it takes within ourselves to rise and to fully live again.

“Your sessions have been so incredibly helpful for so many. We hope that you know you’re appreciated by our network.” 

“Cathy Cheshire’s Master Grief Coach Certification Program is life-changing. The materials are well-researched and presented in a clear, consistent format that makes the learning process smooth and efficient. Certainly, there are several coaching programs available online at an array of price points. What set this program apart was the second half of the process. Beyond reading the materials and testing memory recall, Cathy’s method for Certification includes seven hours of one-on-one discussion that not only ensure her that participants are well suited to become coaches, but also build confidence in the would-be coaches themselves. Questions are thoroughly answered, and coaches exit this program with a wealth of knowledge, resources, and continued support. Cathy herself is a genuinely caring and compassionate coach that truly understands how to speak to and support her students before, during, and after certification.”

“It’s official today and I’m proud to say I am a graduate of Cathy Cheshire’s Certified Master Grief Coach Program. I had a few possibilities to choose from when I was looking for a Grief Coaching Certification. Cathy’s program spoke to my heart. As the facilitator, Cathy did not disappoint. The program is well thought out, easy to follow, and gives a thorough foundation for grief recovery. It was a pleasure doing the work. Cathy is a magnificent mentor and teacher. She was readily available for questions and appointments. She is a kind and caring human being as well as possessing a vast amount of experience personally and professionally. I highly recommend this program.”

“I had been considering grief coaching as a career and came across Cathy’s website while doing some research. I wasn’t sure what avenue to take as far as education but the information on her site was intriguing and so I reached out to her via email. Cathy reached out to me the same day and she suggested we speak on the phone to ensure she was able to provide the answers I was looking for. I was impressed that she offered to call me and after speaking with her, I was more motivated and excited about the prospect than ever! Cathy’s passion for grief coaching was evident to me immediately and her desire to help others in this field inspired me to want to begin my journey to becoming a Certified Master Grief Coach. Cathy’s program was informative, easy to read and my one-on-one sessions with her were priceless. She is a genuine, warm person who isn’t driven to do this by money or anything short of her desire to educate others about grief and grief coaching. I highly recommend Cathy’s course to anyone considering grief coaching either as a career or just for personal knowledge. She is amazing!”

“It was such a great learning experience going through Cathy’s certification program. I cannot thank her enough for her time and all the information and knowledge she has shared with me. I am looking forward to implementing all the knowledge she has shared.”

“The Master Grief Certification Program was packed full of expert resources and material and contained an easy to follow the format for me to attain my goal of becoming a certified coach.  I personally enjoyed working with Cathy one on one. She is a delightful mentor and coach. I’m so grateful I took her class.”

“Cathy Cheshire is one of the best teachers I have ever had!  Her experience in life has given her great incite, experience, and passion, which definitely shows in her workshops.  She takes the time to make sure you understand and continues to support you throughout your profession.  Her thought processes and sharing of her knowledge is untouchable, as she expresses much passion in what she teaches and practices herself on a daily basis.  Her life experience definitely helps her convey her messages and has enabled her to create an unbelievable learning process for others.  I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone and everyone, whether you are becoming a coach or just need someone for inspiration for a guest speaker.” 

“I have been blessed to come across Cathy’s Master Grief Certification program. I highly recommend her work to anyone wanting to spread love and encourage healing to those going through the grieving process. Cathy has been more than generous with her time and the program itself is very easy to follow and is packed with a wealth of valuable information. I feel confident and blessed to be able to move forward as a Master Grief Coach. Thank you, Cathy!”

“Cathy is truly inspiring. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and guides with warmth and compassion.”

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Cathy. Her kindness and sweetness made it as easy as possible for me to be open to the process of grief recovery. She always saw the good in me and encouraged me to see it in myself. I appreciated her honesty and her perspective throughout the time she guided me through the program.  Thank you, Cathy!”

“In my profession, as a teacher, I see that academic challenges are common among grieving students and should be anticipated. Bereavement support is helpful to offset these challenges and help students as they heal. If a student has ongoing consuming unconstructive thoughts about grieving, healing will never be supported. Seeing this increasing issue with our youth, I reached out to Cathy and she has been a compassionate guide helping me explore how to address this need in my school. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable, highly qualified and an amazing mentor. Her professional guidance has helped institute a program to assist our grieving students and provide some trauma-informed interventions to help students become more successful in their school day, as well as in their daily lives. I am grateful to know and work alongside Cathy. She has such a desire to learn and guide others. Her inspiration and her insight, along with her comprehensive program, are a valued addition to every school program. I will forever be grateful for the training and friendship I have gained working with Cathy.” – Tara Soederstrom, Elementary School Teacher since 2001, Madison, Ohio Local Schools

“I just completed my “Master Grief Coaching Certification” with Cathy and am feeling so hopeful, empowered, and incredibly grateful for Cathy’s training. I believe I was led to Cathy after my beautiful daughter transitioned and felt called to become a grief coach. I couldn’t have found a more perfect teacher and trainer to have led me on this very delicate journey. Cathy is full of knowledge, passion, and hope to help you navigate this extraordinary journey. I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten to know her through this training but also to know that she is always there for me. We need more Cathy’s in this world where there can be light and hope in such darkness. Thank you, Cathy, for showing us Hope through Grief, my deep appreciation to you, and may I be as bright as you!”

“Working with Cathy to attain my Master Grief Coaching certificate was an absolute pleasure. Cathy has put together a wealth of useful information that she shares with enormous generosity. Training with her one on one added value that I have never experienced in prior programs, it made a tremendous difference. The opportunity to truly explore the depths of information, to ask questions, and share experiences enhanced the experience more than I could have expected. Something that Cathy brought to the table, which is truly unique, was the business portion of the training. The materials and the training conversation were thorough and again, very useful. Cathy has the resources, the experience, and the warmth to share and teach with kindness and generosity. If you are someone considering taking this program for your personal growth or for business, I believe that working with Cathy is an excellent choice.”

“I was drawn to Cathy Cheshire on social media because her essence and message attracted me. We both share a common interest and that is to thrive after loss. I was thrilled to meet Cathy in person as a fellow speaker on The Journeys of Hope, Healing, and Health Bereavement Cruise. Cathy’s presence was true to what I had envisioned. Her message and her energy shine through her compassionate spirit as she speaks. If you have the opportunity to connect with Cathy through her teaching or coaching, I highly recommend her, and you will be blessed!”

“Cathy is one of the warmest people I ever met. Not only she has valuable content to share, and she is also a lovely companion to watch the sunset with. 🌞 As presenter and coach, she talks about self-compassion and how to go from unconstructive to constructive thought during your grief. I found her worksheet very helpful in finding the right words to go with my thoughts. Her method is truly strengthening resilience. THANK YOU, dear Cathy, hope to See you again on another inspiring seminar at sea, cruise or event, big hug 💜 xMx”

“Cathy is both passionate and dedicated to helping grievers. In the wake of her son’s and stepson’s deaths, Cathy pursued extensive training and research to help her on her grief journey. She assembled her vast collection of valuable resources into a database she uses to help the bereaved in their greatest time of need. Her extensive knowledge, combined with her compassion for those suffering, makes her a valuable asset to grievers everywhere. Cathy is an excellent presenter, and I highly recommend her for your event and personal needs.”

“Cathy Cheshire is an outstanding speaker! Her knowledge, experience, and expertise shine through her workshops. It is obvious Cathy spends a lot of time preparing to ensure her sessions are not only informational but inspirational. She has amazing energy, a great sense of humor, and a beautiful message of hope and healing to share. I highly recommend Cathy as a speaker for your event!”

“Cathy is a genuinely beautiful spirit with an admirable amount of strength and compassion. She has taken her healing journey and turned it into a detailed yet comprehensible program to not only help be a guiding light and support for other people on their healing journeys but also to teach others to be able to pass the love and healing along as well. I would highly recommend Cathy and any of the services she provides.” 

“Cathy is a valued friend and mentor, whom I met just two years after the unimaginable death of my son. I needed to do something positive to make sure I was going to somehow survive! I continued trying various paths in my grief work, which included reading her book. With Cathy’s compassion and guidance, I took action steps, determined to thrive after this profound loss, and find a way to inspire others in his memory. With this foundation in place, I enrolled in the Master Grief Coach program last year, hoping to enrich my own life and to become a resilient leader by supporting others on this same journey and encouraging them with the tools I learned to help enhance theirs! Cathy’s own personal losses and professional experience combined with a team of respected experts share a wealth of knowledge in the Master Grief Coach program, which is both comprehensive and inspirational. I found the course modules to be informative, practical, and empathetic in approach. In addition, the one-on-one training sessions with Cathy were influential! With gratitude in my heart for this opportunity, I highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to grow in their own personal journey or vocational practice in grief!”

“Cathy Cheshire is a remarkable teacher and highly-regarded expert in the area of grief and loss. After going through her own tragic losses, she devoted much of her time to researching the various loss and healing techniques available to a griever in order to help her own healing. Her resulting Master Grief Coaching Program synthesizes all aspects of grief and death education so that a client has the ability to find the tools that will work best for them. I found the program to be extremely comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and insightful. Cathy strikes a unique balance of careful and compassionate listening while sharing her wealth of experience as she guided me through the program. I want to thank Cathy for her wonderful program and coaching expertise. She has helped me to grow significantly in my ability to help others who have experienced any significant loss in their lives.”

“I have known Cathy Cheshire, and worked with her on grief coaching, for two years. Cathy is extremely knowledgeable on this topic.  She has researched and participated in many different grief programs across the spectrum. No one is more knowledgeable than Cathy on the different methods and processes for grief coaching.  In addition to her vast knowledge and expertise, she is also very kind and compassionate.  These personality traits are so important in the arena of grief coaching.  Cathy has my highest respect and admiration for her work in the training of others for grief coaching.”

“Cathy is a remarkable person who I’m glad to have crossed paths with. She is an expert at what she does and is highly qualified in training you about grief. I’ve grown and learned so much about myself in the process of working with her.  I would highly recommend her program and having her as your grief recovery coach.” 

“Thank you, Cathy, for being my guiding light, for each word of encouragement, your wisdom, your wealth of knowledge, and for training me with the skills to equip me to inspire us in the grief world. You are heaven sent!”

“Cathy Cheshire has created a program that teaches you how to effectively help others who are truly grieving in this world. Whether their grief comes from the loss of a loved one or pet, a diagnosis of a terminal illness, divorce, the loss of a job, past traumatic experiences, or a myriad of other experiences, her program will teach you how to help them understand their challenges, remember and embrace their capabilities, and begin to heal in a new way. Grief coaching is much needed in this world, and once certified, you may begin to go out and be a light for those in pain.”

She provides each student with modules, each containing pertinent and precise information needed in order to help others begin to thrive and live better lives, as well as the business component of making a living from becoming a grief coach. Cathy will speak with you one-on-one over the phone or through video chat and review the material that is most important.”

“As you ponder whether or not to either make that career move or add to an already existing career, I highly recommend Cathy Cheshire’s Grief Coaching Certification Program!”

“From the depth of my being, I feel this wonderful gift to humanity will be available long into the future. I am so so sooo grateful to be a part of it.” 

“Your session alone was worth the conference registration fee.”

“What you taught has really helped me understand mindfulness in a new way.”

“I enjoyed your workshop and will be following up with your lessons.” 

“Through Instagram, I have had the opportunity to connect with @mastergriefcoachcathy, who is just an extraordinary and inspiring woman. Through divorce and the loss of 2 sons, she channeled her grief into a tool to help others cope and heal. If you or someone you love is grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving in general, I encourage you to reach out to Cathy. She is wonderful! ✨”

“Cathy, you are an amazing lady. Your empathetic nature and pure natural genuine kindness shine through to others in a big way, especially those who are struggling with carrying grief. You have changed the world with your open, loving heart and willingness to listen and advise. A battle-hardened soldier of grief you may be, but that is what makes you the amazing lady you are. It takes a naturally kind open heart to give a damn these days, and that’s what you do the best, you give a damn!! More power to you, Cathy. You are one amazing lady!!”

“Losing my mother after a 2 1/2 yr illness and subsequent betrayal by my siblings was devastating. I thought my sadness would lessen over time, but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t. Friends suggested ways to get over it, but nothing worked. Then I found Cathy and the Grief Recovery Method, and my whole world changed. I cannot thank her enough for the wonderfully caring yet professional way she worked with me through the program. The tools I learned are invaluable, and I finally feel like I have my life back again. I recommend Cathy and the Grief Recovery Program to anyone who is suffering a loss. It is worth it!”

“After losing my wonderful wife of 30 years, I was completely lost. Cathy introduced me to the grief recovery program. Along with her professional guidance and personal stories of grief, she helped me understand how all types of grief affect our lives and how to move forward in life. She’s a truly inspiring, wonderful person.”

“We attended her workshop last year in Scottsdale. She is absolutely an inspiration and a phenomenal speaker.”

“Cathy is a great listener. She helped to figure out I was carrying a backpack full of rocks; undelivered emotions and feelings. I kept adding rocks (unresolved feelings) until I could barely breathe or move. She gave me some tools to communicate and complete my emotions. Cathy is professional and at the same time, warm. I felt at ease and able to share confidences with her. As well as she did with me. Through talking and talking, I was able to express my grief. Thanks to Cathy, I learned that grief is not only for death but also for other losses in life; like moving, financial challenges, divorce, and many others.”

“Working with Cathy was immensely helpful in assisting me in working through, addressing, and recovering from recent, immense, personal tragedy. Her own story of heartbreaking tragedy, loss, and recovery makes her uniquely qualified to help others. I highly recommend participating in the ‘The Grief Recovery’ method with Cathy Cheshire for your own opportunity to live again.”

“I want to Thank You so much for this website. The anxiety, anger, and hypervigilance are frightening to us. So glad to find this website. We just want peace again!”

“It was good to meet everyone that took that first brave step we all did by going tonight…I am glad I did and look forward to learning more and helping one another in this process. Thank you, Cathy. You are an inspiration, and I am excited to see where this group leads me.”

“Inspiring discussion of moving forward after deeply painful losses. So glad to be in the company of brave and powerful women looking to find a way to continue on the journey life has laid out for us. I look forward to our future meetings.”

“I attended a Meetup via a webinar that Cathy set up and found it to be highly motivating. Cathy is very accommodating, knowledgeable, and patient in her coaching and guidance. She took the time to address every question and concern I had, and she did not move on to another topic until I had a complete understanding of each. I look forward to attending more in this series and appreciate Cathy’s method of compassionate teaching. I highly recommend!”

“You are caring, inspiring, understanding, and always willing to help others grow.”

“Passion showed in presentation, and confidence was motivating.”

“Exceptional presentation.”

“Presentation information packaged to take with me for review and use.”

“Entire presentation was of great interest and very valuable for the future.”

“The participants we had on the webcast really enjoyed your presentation and say that you really know your stuff!”

“The information you shared was well received and affected very positive responses on our program evaluation form.”

“We are reaping the benefits of her professional experience and her passion for excellence.”