Training & Certification

Available Spring 2018

Grief, Coaching, and Business Training with Certification Option

Affordable   Research-Based   Comprehensive   Concise

A team is creating online training modules. They will be available for anybody to choose any or all to learn how to heal from grief and how to help others. Business modules teach how to work as a grief coach and how to efficiently reach those wanting support.

Training Modules

Grief and Death Facts
        Grief Related Words Definitions
Grief Expert Title Definitions   
        Grief Expert Agreement
        Grief Expert Disagreement
        What to Say to Someone Grieving
Common Spiritual Experiences

Life Action Planning
        Action Planning Steps
        Thought and Emotion
Organization and Productivity
Life Mystery
Critical Tasks Completed
Physical Health
Finances and Generosity
Loving Relationships
Fun and Pleasure
Career and Helping Others
Dreams Achieved

Master Grief Coaching

        Grief Coaching Guide
        Pet Loss
        Helping children
        Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care

Business Action Planning
        Finances (How to have zero start-up costs)
        Legal Considerations
        Client Service
Social Media

Written and audio will be available together.

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You will be able to apply for certification anytime. Once you complete all modules you can take the written and phone or video chat oral exam required to pass to be certified as a Master Grief Coach.

Master Grief Coach Certification
Application and Agreement
Written and Oral Evaluation

Master Grief Coach Trainer Certification
Application and Agreement

Oral Evaluation

Scholarships will be available by application.