Why Life Is Better Understanding Grief

Knowing how to move through grief in a natural healthy way allows you to spend less time in the worst part. You absolutely can have joy again. It also empowers you with the ability to lovingly support those in your life who are grieving, rather than experiencing the guilt of avoiding them because you don’t know what to do or say.

Grief experts agree we were born knowing how to grieve, but some of us get programmed otherwise, and often it’s not even realized. The worst time to relearn those thought and emotion skills is when grieving because it’s difficult to concentrate. Not understanding your experience, especially when it’s an unexpected loss, can reduce your hope about the future. 

Grief is the experience one has after the death of a loved one or any major life change including these examples.

  • Death of Loved One
  • Suffering of Loved One
  • Death of Loved Pet
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Abandonment
  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Health
  • Financial Changes
  • Legal Issues

Think about what it was like when you didn’t understand something significant in your life and how much your life improved once you became informed. The same scenario applies to grief.

Be savvy about your life and master the subject of grief sooner than later. Avoiding the subject is not in your best interest. You can experience interwoven intervals of happiness while grieving if you know how. 

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2 thoughts on “Why Life Is Better Understanding Grief

  1. Tina Newman says:

    Im finally beginning to understand that I can experience Joy even while grieving. Its so important to remind ourselves that its ok to laugh or smile and have fun. Thank you for this post Cathy. <3

    • CathyCheshire says:

      I think you are so much stronger, resilient, and loving than you give yourself credit for, understandably. I hope you laugh, smile, and have fun in abundance this year. Sending love and hugs 💛✨🦋

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