Understanding Grief and Healing Module



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Prerequisite: None

Audience: Anybody who wants to be proactive about understanding grief. Providers and professionals who are seeking more grief knowledge for themselves, their patients, or clients. Fields with jobs where individuals may benefit from grief coaching knowledge include medical, behavioral, emergency response, naturopathy, nursing homes, social work, hospice, clergy, spiritual guides, volunteering, education, funeral directing, human resources, law, massage therapy, mind/body techniques, real estate, and cosmetology.

Objective: To learn what diverse top grief experts say about grief and how to heal, so individuals can decide what information is most helpful to them.

You will learn:

  • How major institutions define grief.
  • The definition of grief-related words, including an explanation of a grief expert and common grief expert titles.
  • What grief experts agree about grief.
  • The difference between depression from grief and clinical depression.
  • Suicide myths and facts.
  • How to forgive and why it is important when grieving.
  • How to be resilient by using mindfulness to manage the connection between thought, emotion, and the body.
  • How focusing on the present moment sharpens intuition and inspires one to make heartfelt decisions.
  • How to change negative thought patterns and release emotion.
  • What grief experts disagree about grief.
  • What is important to understand before and after death.
  • What common spiritual experiences are reported.
  • What to say to someone grieving.
  • How to design and implement a life action plan.
  • Best practices to improve major areas of life.
  • A description of how mind and body techniques work to support healing from grief.

Editable Forms included:

  • Financial Planning Worksheet
  • Gratitude Lists Worksheet
  • Life Action Planning Worksheet
  • Loving Relationships Worksheet
  • Thought and Emotion Worksheet

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