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Dedicated to providing convenient affordable options for women and men seeking quality education about grief, healing, coaching, or small business, expert opinions have been summarized into concisely written individual modules that are downloadable. Resources and worksheets editable in Microsoft Word are included. 

Grief Coach certification by phone or video chat is an option to enrich your comprehension for personal growth, enhancing how you already work with grievers, boosting resume interest, or building a meaningful career working from anywhere. 

“Loss and grief are part of the human experience. Unfortunately, they are rarely a part of graduate training in the helping professions.” – Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, Psychology

Initial program content was reviewed by diverse experts including Sharon Ehlers, ( and Anissa Picard ( Backgrounds include experience with, psychology, business, teaching, healthcare, funeral services, energy healing, authoring grief books, and speaking.

An expanded list of advisors, coaches, and mentors is listed on the Credentials page. Feedback from Certified Master Grief Coaches is encouraged and valued.

Gain knowledge for yourself and to support family, children, friends, your community, and others.  Learn at your own pace and/or work with a coach, especially if you are overwhelmed with emotion. View  Certified Grief Coaches

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  • Understanding Grief and Healing Module
  • Grief Coaching Module
  • Master Grief Coach Certification
  • Small Business Action Planning Module
  • Create a Certification Program
  • Scholarships

For correlating prerequisites, target audience, objectives, what you will learn, and forms/resources included, click on each highlighted title below.
Worksheet instructions and resource explanations are included in modules.

Understanding Grief and Healing Module 

Individual purchase or required if being certified. This module is comprehensive yet succinct, compiled from extensive diverse top experts who have been advocates for the most grievers. Backgrounds include world-renowned and PhD leaders in their fields of psychology and neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the brain, mind, and nervous system. All experts agree grief is unique to each individual and healing is possible. Learn in one place how the most qualified grief experts agree and disagree, saving time, minimizing confusion, and avoiding feeling overwhelmed. You decide what information is best for you. 98 pages

Grief Coaching Module

Individual purchase or required if being certified. Teaches life coaching with an emphasis on grief which can affect every area of a person’s existence. General life coaching programs rarely include anything on grief. Coaching is a proven process that gets results with complete focus on individual needs rather than trying to put everyone through the same rigid steps. Combining what you already know about grief and what you learn from the “Understanding Grief and Healing” module with coaching is a powerful way for anyone to manage their life and inspire others. You can also make suggestions about other beneficial concepts you are familiar with, always allowing those you are coaching to decide without pressure what is best for them. 44 pages

Master Grief Coach Certification

Certification Total

Certification as a Grief Coach involves confirmation of competent skills. The program is low-cost for availability to more people. There is no travel expense, information is self-study, the online test is automated, and one-on-one discussion sessions efficiently focus on individual needs. New skills can be turned into habits by practicing with those in your life rather than paying for role-playing, although it is available on request at an hourly fee. There are no ongoing fees or time limits on the use of what you learn.

Comprehension after studying the “Understanding Grief and Healing” and “Grief Coaching” modules required for certification is verified by a basic online test with 58 questions, mostly true or false. The “Business Action Planning” module is excluded because some may not have their own business and is free after certification.

Oral assessment includes 7 hourly one-on-one sessions scheduled as convenient for you as possible. With advance notification, you may choose to have appointments by video chat rather than phone. You will be asked open-ended questions. No sitting for hours or days in a class that may not be the best use of your valuable time. Certification is available all year in any country and Master Grief Coaching can be provided in-person and worldwide by phone, video chat, or even messaging. Some complete the sessions, which may be recorded, in a couple of weeks and others take months.

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  • Complete Application to get to know you and your motivation for success. 
  • You will be notified by email as soon as possible if you are approved to go through the certification process or why there are concerns about proceeding.


  • Purchase “Understanding Grief and Healing” and “Master Grief Coaching” modules. Study the information including forms and resources.
  • Complete the Online Test. You can reference the modules when taking the untimed test, but if you close out of the test without completing it, your answers will not be saved. You will immediately receive your results by email.
  • DO NOT take as a pretest.


  • Complete Agreement to ensure understanding of professionalism requirement because a reputation for providing consistently exceptional service is desired and affects all Master Grief Coaches.
  • Ongoing module updates are free and include most progressive information from grief experts. 


  • Purchase certification training unless you have an approved scholarship.
  • 7 individual hourly sessions are scheduled as convenient for you as possible. Email dates and times you are available for the first session or you will be contacted to schedule.
  • Please change or cancel appointments within 24 hours.
  • You will be called on time for each session.
  • It’s important to have access to the forms and resources online or printed to reference during discussions where open-ended questions will be asked. 

Master Grief Coach Certification Agenda
Session 1
Review application & agreement
Review test questions incorrectly answered
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Institution Grief Definitions to Forgiveness
Session 2
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Mindfulness to
Thought & Emotion Worksheet
Session 3
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Life Action Planning Worksheet
Financial Planning & Loving Relationships Worksheets
Session 4
Understanding Grief & Healing module: Grief Expert Disagreement to
Mind & Body Techniques
Session 5
Master Grief Coaching module: Coaching Related Words Defined to
Compassion Fatigue & Self Care
Session 6
Master Grief Coaching module: Client Service Case Study & Client Sessions Guide
Session 7
Master Grief Coaching Module: Example Phrasing
Support available & Certification finalization

  • After you are certified, you will be emailed a professional Cathy Cheshire LLC Master Grief Coach certificate and logo verifying your accomplishment.
  • You have the option to use a free webpage on our website and PayPal only charges you a small fee as you receive each client payment.
  • As long as you maintain your certification by following the agreement, you will have the password for the Coach Login webpage which contains the most current module revisions, editable forms, marketing examples, and coach resources. The Business Action Planning module and an extensive list of grief-related websites are included. Basic coaching and business support are freeExtensive support is available at an hourly fee. 

Small Business Action Planning Module

Individual purchase, not included in certification, FREE if certified. Business action planning is important for any size business. Principles used by successful multi-million-dollar companies have been simplified in this module so they can be easily applied to establishing and operating a coaching business with nominal start-up expense.

After purchasing the business module, basic support is free and extensive support including promotion design, WordPress website development, Google Ads campaigns, and creating training programs is $60/hour. 35 pages

Creating a Grief Certification Program Module

Coming Soon

Individual Purchase, Included in Scholarship if Certified

The Cathy Cheshire, LLC Grief Coach Certification process, related Google docs, and forms are being documented into resources. They will be available for Certified Grief Coaches and anybody with a desire to use their expertise to develop their own grief coach certification program. The information can be used as it is or modified.

The ‘Understanding Grief and Healing, “Grief Coaching,” and “Business Action Planning” modules which will include forms, worksheets, and resources will be available on Amazon and Kindle so they can be used as textbooks along with any other books or resources the Certifier chooses.

There is a worldwide need for diverse healthy grief education. I believe individual grief programs will attract who they may best inspire and support.   

Basic support is free and extensive support is $60/hour.


Limited scholarships are available for those experiencing the most financial hardship. Complete this application to apply. Only applications including all requested documentation will be considered.

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