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Important and necessary for certification to read this entire webpage at least once to understand options and procedures. Then use the “Summary & Payment” webpage also under the “Education” menu option.

Review the “Qualifications” and “Testimonials” webpages under the “Education” website menu option. Feedback from those certified is 100% positive. “highly qualified … extremely knowledgeable

“Loss and grief are part of the human experience. Unfortunately, they are rarely a part of graduate training in the helping professions.” – Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, Psychology, Portland Institute for Loss and Transition Director

Thank you for your interest in learning and supporting others.

Healing from inevitable suffering is a journey involving individual inner wisdom about how the mind, emotions, body, and spirit interact in the present moment to become whole again or for the first time.

Module means information covering just one topic independently of other modules, which all work together to cover the main subject. Convenient options for women and men seeking quality education about grief, healing, coaching, or small business, expert opinions have been summarized into concisely written individual modules.

After years of researching the work of 239 grief, healing, coaching, and specialty experts listed on the “Experts Researched” webpage listed under the “Education” website menu option, the “Understanding Grief and Healing” and “Grief Coaching” modules concisely summarize in easy-to-understand terms, extensive academic research on best practices and areas of disagreement. Basic life coaching skills emphasizing listening and guiding overlapping with those elements of therapy are covered. 

Digital-PDF documents are the only format available. They are programmed to be automatically emailed shortly after purchase. If not received, please check the spam folder. If they are missing, please call or email. You can always log in to your account to access the information. All or any information can be printed. 

Certification refers to the confirmation of information comprehension coordinated by someone who already has experience and skill.

Advisors reviewed the initial program content and process.  Diverse experts included Sharon Ehlers, (Grief Reiki author) and Anissa Picard ( Backgrounds included experience with, psychology, business, teaching, healthcare, funeral services, energy healing, authoring grief books, and speaking. An expanded list of advisors, coaches, and mentors is listed on the “Qualifications” webpage under the “Education” menu option. Ongoing feedback from Certified Master Grief Coaches is encouraged and valued.

Flexibility of grief coaching, rather than grievers attempting a one-size-fits-all defined number of steps supports and empowers grievers based on how loss is affecting their life. Education programs in your own words can be developed after understanding module content.

Timely phone follow-up and email response from a person is provided without phone trees, chat-only automated messages, long waits, email bombardment, or no-reply email address alerts. 

Purpose fulfillment or answering a “calling” has been recognized by experts as a significant way to nurture happiness. If your grief and healing journey awakened a deep longing to explore your unique way to use healthy information to uplift those stuck in despair, this program may be for you. As you evolve, inspiration can expand and be energizing as you have a meaningful impact on humanity. There is a great need for grief and healing education.

Jobs in fields where grief coaching knowledge is beneficial include medical, behavioral, emergency response, veteran services, naturopathy, veterinarian, pet care, nursing homes, social work, bereavement coordinators, hospice, clergy, spiritual guides, volunteering, education, funeral directing, human resources, law, massage therapy, mind/body techniques, real estate, sales, marketing, and cosmetology.


    • No car, airplane, or hotel travel expense to learn.
    • Digital PDFs are inexpensive to provide.
    • The online test is automated.
    • Important program information is in writing. 
    • Because module information is easy to read and understand, self-study with the ability to ask one-on-one questions most pertinent to you is more cost-effective than instructor-led videos or live/online classes, which can be valuable supplements but are not required. 
    • Peer coaching availability and self-driven practice options help turn skills into habits.  
    • There is no required continuing education expense.
    • There are no additional fees required to maintain certification.
    • There are no time limits on using what is learned.
    • Ongoing basic support is free.


    • Use the information learned from the modules or get certified anytime.
    • Certification is available worldwide all year in English and questions can be facilitated with a translator.
    • Learn for yourself and to support and educate others including family and friends.
    • Module information is self-study at your own pace with no added pressure.
    • Module information is easy to read and understand.
    • General terms are used in the module text whenever possible instead of scientific jargon, which is explained if included. 
    • No time-consuming travel or hassle away from family and work for certification.
    • Not sitting for hours or days in a class may not be the best use of valuable time because some information is already known.

Program Comparison Question Suggestions

    • If there is an agreement or contract, can it be reviewed before registering and paying for a program?
    • What are all the fees involved with the initial program training and additional training available?
    • What are the qualifications of the program applicable to grief education? Therapist education and licensing usually do not require any grief training. Self-styled professionals without formal grief education may teach valuable information, but misinformation can be avoided by being aware of knowledge sources.
    • If the training is in person, what travel costs are involved?
    • What support is available ongoing and is there a fee?
    • Are program testimonials available?
    • Are any continuing education hours involving definite or possible expenses required to maintain certification?
    • What is the refund policy? What if you change your mind about participating in the program? What if you are not satisfied with the program?
    • Most states do not have legal requirements for a business using terminology including Academy, Center of Excellence, Institute, or International Association, so research organizations before doing business with them. It may not be best to let the name alone influence your purchasing decision.

Refund Policy

    • Please only pay for the certification test right before taking it. Operating efficiently supports minimizing the program fee.
    • Certification fee will be automatically refunded, minus a 5% service fee for reasons including: 
        • The program is not completed within 30 days of certification payment without approved arrangements made by emailing
        • Not meeting certification requirements.
    • Master Grief Coach certification payment may be made again, and this same policy applies.
    • No refunds for digital module products. For content questions, please call or email.


    • Understanding Grief and Healing Module
    • Grief Coaching Module
    • Master Grief Coach Certification and Benefits
    • Small Business Action Planning Module

Understanding Grief and Healing Module 

Individual purchase or required if being certified. After years of research, this module concisely summarizes in one place key areas where the most qualified diverse prominent grief experts listed in the document mostly agree but also disagree, saving time, minimizing confusion, and avoiding feeling overwhelmed. Backgrounds include world-renowned and PhD leaders in their fields of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, which is the scientific study of the brain, mind, and nervous system. They concur that grief is unique to everyone, and healing is possible. None of the information includes other personal opinions. 

“Over 95% of mental health professionals were never told anything about what the mind is.”
– Daniel Siegel, MD, Neuropsychiatrist

Without healthy information about grief and healing, there is a risk of making up stuff or absorbing information that is not helpful or in your best interest.  Start with major research findings and decide what is best for you. Wisdom may come from multiple perspectives.

Revision 050122, 224 pages, PDF File, 8.5″ x 11″ page size, 1″h margins, 1.5″ spacing
No refunds for digital module products. For content questions, please call or email.
For a summary of the topics included click on the module title.  

Grief Coaching Module

Individual purchase or required if being certified. After years of research, this module concisely summarizes key areas where diverse prominent experts listed in the document explain basic life coaching emphasizing listening and guiding skills that overlap with that element of therapy. Grief can affect every area of a person’s existence. Life coaching programs rarely include anything on grief. Coaching is a proven process that gets results by completely focusing on individual needs rather than trying to put everyone through the same rigid steps.

“A new era of coaching is emerging, and one of the drivers is neuroscience, telling us how change happens.” – Joel Monk, Co-founder, Coaches Rising

Combining what you already know about grief and what you learn from the “Understanding Grief and Healing” module with coaching is a powerful way for anyone to manage their life and inspire others. You can also make suggestions about other beneficial concepts you are familiar with, always allowing those you are coaching to decide what is best for them.

Revision 050122, 94 Pages, PDF File, 8.5″ x 11″ page, 1″ margins, 1.5″ spacing
No refunds for digital module products. For content questions, please call or email.
For a summary of the topics included click on the module title. 

Master Grief Coach Certification and Benefits

Advantages of Master Grief Coach Certification 

    • Achieving a new level of self-discovery and personal growth
    • Teach and support family and friends
    • Enhance how you already work with grievers in your job
    • Boost resume interest as grief education is helpful in most jobs
    • Build a meaningful career working from anywhere

Experiencing even one coaching session from a professional who resonates with you, whether you are grieving or not, may provide you with a beneficial personal perspective when going through certification. Certified Master Grief Coaches accepting new clients are listed under the “Grief Coaches” website menu option.

Certification refers to the confirmation of information comprehension by someone who already has experience and skill.

Master is a prevalent word meaning acquiring complete knowledge. This program focuses on varied professional expert insights on grief used with the life coaching principle of empowering and guiding others to remember each person is the master of their own journey. Master Grief Coaching can be provided in-person and worldwide by phone, video chat, or even messaging.

Title “Certified Master Grief Coach” can be used or any other appropriate coaching title. Example coach-related titles are listed in the “Grief Coaching” module. Any other grief-related expertise like mind and body techniques, energy healing, and religious or spiritual expertise can be combined with this certification and can be used in a coaching title.

Mental illness situations are always compassionately referred to a therapist who specializes in the disorder. Grief is not a mental illness, but unresolved can lead to it.

Small Business Action Planning” module is excluded from certification because a grief coaching business is optional. It is free after certification or can be purchased anytime.

Steps Summary

Preview any document by clicking on it to review and then exit.

STEP 1 Buy/Study Grief and Coaching Modules $12 each
STEP 2 Buy Master Grief Coach Certification $420
STEP 3 Complete online REGISTRATION (click)
STEP 4 Complete online AGREEMENT (click)
STEP 5 Complete online TEST (click)
Explain questions missed by email or scheduled call

Steps Detail

STEP 1 Buy/Study Grief and Coaching Modules $12 each

  • Learn the information including the forms. Grief-related information in the “Understanding Grief and Healing” module may come up during grief coaching. The more a grief coach knows, the greater opportunity to maintain and deepen the connection with clients. Grief related topics include:
  • Easy content to read and understand but most information is not commonly known. 

STEP 2 Buy Master Grief Coach Certification $420 

  • Expert knowledge and understanding is what is being certified. It is important for individuals to have opinions about what they feel is best for them, but information from the modules is the focus.
  • Support with questions by phone, text, or email before, during, and after certification for as long as the program exists is included.
  • Employers are generally thankful any employee has quality grief education. A copy of the Master Grief Coach certification program, qualifications, and testimonials can be submitted to an employer to ask if they will recognize the education and to request tuition payment or reimbursement.

Payment links are also available on the “Summary & Payment” webpage under the “Education” menu option.

Certification Benefits

  • Certificate verifying Master Grief Coach certification accomplishment is emailed.
  • Profile less than 100 words, picture, and website or contact information OPTION to be listed on the page of Certified Master Grief Coaches (click) 
  • Free support for grief coaching and business if you have read the most current modules
  • Feedback regarding future enhancements to the program includes suggestions from Certified Master Grief Coaches, which includes an incredible breadth of education and professional expertise. 
  • Create Your Own Grief Certification Program with free basic support to Certified Master Grief Coaches with a desire to use their expertise to develop their own grief certification program.  There is a great need for diverse quality progressive grief education. Individual grief programs attract who they may best inspire and support. Detailed information is included in the “Small Business Action Planning” module.
  • The “Coach Resources Login” webpage includes free resources and can be accessed exclusively by Master Grief Coaches with a password provided after certification.


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STEP 3 Complete online REGISTRATION (click)

  • Confidentiality is a priority, and your information will never be shared. 
  • Knowing those certified is necessary.  Anyone who wants to remain anonymous will not be certified. A certificate is not provided just because module information was reviewed. The certificate received from this program certifies all requirements, education, testing, and training have been met. 
  • Motivation for success understanding may enrich the certification process.
  • References are only contacted if they may enhance minimal registration information provided, so please be thorough.
  • Required questions must be completed to be certified. Contact will be made if there are questions regarding the registration information provided.

STEP 4 Complete online AGREEMENT (click)

  • Professionalism is important for all grief coaches. The reputation of Master Grief Coaches consistently providing excellent service supports the growth of the Master Grief Coach Certification program and may affect all Master Grief Coaches.
  • Discontinuing certification or revocation may happen if the agreement is not followed for this in-depth certification. 
  • Updates are free and include the most progressive information from experts. 
  • Copy will immediately be sent to the email provided.

STEP 5 Complete online TEST (click)

  • Based on years of conducting structured one-on-one certification.
  • Technical difficulties are rare, but please call or email right away if there are any. 
  • Required questions must be completed before the test can be scored.
  • Google sign in to save your progress, but also saving another way is highly recommended.
  • Score with answers will be released to the email provided if the “Understanding Grief and Healing” & “Grief Coaching” modules were purchased. 
  • 50 true or false and 5 essay questions are straightforward if the material was studied.
  • Modules can be referenced when taking the test.
  • Definitions DO NOT need to be memorized.
  • Untimed online, but answers NOT saved when closing out of the test without completing it.
  • Guessing is better than skipping a question, which is counted as answered wrong.
  • Missed test question explanations must be emailed to or discussed during a scheduled phone call and must be approved to be certified.
  • Additional essay question responses may be requested by email or discussed during a scheduled phone call if identified as necessary and must be approved to be certified.

STEP 6 Explain questions missed by email or scheduled call

  • Questions not correctly answered if you passed the test should be typed/copied first. 
  • Explanations of why each question was not correctly answered, including any clarified understanding should follow each retyped/copied question.
  • Incomplete or incorrect essay answers will be emailed back, requesting a further explanation.

Small Business Action Planning Module

Individual purchase, certification does not include this topic, FREE if certified. Business action planning is important for any size business. Principles used by successful multi-million-dollar companies have been simplified in this module so they can be easily applied to establishing and operating a coaching business and grief coaching certification or training program with nominal start-up expenses. It is NOT required to start a business after becoming a certified Master Grief Coach. The information can be used for personal benefit and to support others.

Marketing initially and ongoing is essential for new grief coaching businesses. Experts recommend using your name or a general business name, so the same website can be used if future additional services are added.

Revision 050122, 103 pages, PDF File, 8.5″ x 11″ page, 1″ margins, 1.5″ spacing
No refunds for digital module products. For content questions, please call or email.
For a summary of the topics included click on the module title.